Olaplex Upgrade

Olaplex Upgrade
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Olaplex Upgrade, at the All For Mary hairdressing salon in Yeronga

It got too much. The emotions overwhelm as you fall down on your knees, shaking your fists in the air and screaming fervently for the world to hear… ‘Why is my life so? Why can’t I be blonde AND have healthy, luscious hair at the same time?!  WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL!?! Who can release me from this vicious cycle of joy and disappointment?!?!?’ Well, the heaven’s heard and a godsend was sent to answer your desperate cry! OLAPLEX!  The saviour of hair damage! 

This revolutionary product prevents breakage, builds and strengthens your hair and makes it silky and shiny…. Even while bleaching the begeebers out of it.  Your dream hair is now within reach. 

Your Olaplex Upgrade service includes:
1. Olaplex is added into your colour so that when the bleach is removing the colour from your hair, it doesn’t take the strength and healthiness with it.
2. A second dose of goodness is applied at the basin making sure that all of your strands are covered, while we put you to sleep with a 10 minute neck and scalp massage. (#brisbanesbestscalpmassage)
3. A take home treatment - continue to drench your locks with Olaplex goodness so the benefits of healthy and smooth hair continue long past your salon experience.

So dust off your knees, your problems have been solved with an Olaplex Upgrade.


*Price remains the same for all hair lengths and thicknesses

Service Time - An additional 30minutes onto the colouring service timing

WiFi available in salon for your convenience

Our hairdressing salon is located in Yeronga 6kms from the CBD, on the south side of Brisbane.

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