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She is a powerhouse of fresh ideas

Congratulations to Bethany for providing a refreshingly new experience for hairdressing. She is a powerhouse of fresh ideas that align with her thoughtfulness and connection to her clients. She is engaging and most importantly really listened to my concerns. I felt so transformed and calmed after my first appointment. Will be back for the great service and experience. Xx

Shan, Annerley

All for the client !

I’ve just been to “another world” …… with relaxing music, relaxing atmosphere and attentive and interested staff. Everything is designed to be uplifting in this place, and the reading material is uplifting too! The coffee was great and the hair treatment essential. Oh well …. its back to work now !

John, Sherwood

All for Mary- worth the drive!

I love the experience at All For Mary so much that I drive from Toowoomba every 6 weeks for the great experience offered by this salon. I was immediately impressed on my first visit by Beth, who really listened to what difficulties I was having with my hair. She offered great advice and I've noticed that having the time to give individual attention to each client, is very important to both Beth and Tegan. No one is rushed through the salon. I feel like I have a contemporary hairstyle for an old girl and I have received many compliments at my workplace.

Elizabeth , Toowoomba

You won’t be disappointed!

The girls at All For Mary are absolutely amazing. I have been coming to this salon for 4 wonderful years and will never go anywhere else. The girls and their service is one of a kind. If you are looking for a new hairdresser you have just found them. You won't be disappointed. :)

Dee S, Moorooka

Love you girls

Our wedding day was perfect, it was the fairytale I had always dreamt of as a little girl. Choosing 'All For Mary' and working with Beth and Tegan helped to create this fairytale come true. Form our practice hairstyling sessions to styling our hair for the big wedding day, Beth and Tegan where not only very professional and supportive in all they did, but so much fun (which is what you need on such an exciting day!). Under their amazing hairstyling care I felt so relaxed. I was able to voice if I wasn't sure of something and we were able to try lots of different hair styles and bridal hair pieces until we found what I loved! Their communication was also amazing! Every bride needs to be working with people whom can get back to you ASAP and these girls to just this. I will never forget the fun I had doing my hair with my bridesmaids and sharing this amazing day with such talented and caring hairdressers!

Liz, Yeronga

So impressed with my new salon

Having had some bad experiences in the past I had avoided going to the hairdresser for years, after having a look at the testimonials here though I decided to book at AFM and I have to say I was super impressed. Having someone sit down with you and listen to what you would like your hair to look like was a big change for me, I'm usually shy and get intimidated visiting the hairdresser and in the past at (other salons) I'd inadvertently end up with what the stylist wanted to do rather the the cut I wanted.. The haircut I received was exactly what I wanted and I can't remember the last time I walked out of a salon feeling like that. Everyone I spoke to was relaxed and friendly. I'm looking forward to my next appointment and can't recommend AFM highly enough :)

Katy, Yeronga

Comfortable Colour Change

Last hair 'refresh' was a change of colour for me, this could have been a stressful experience if not for my complete confidence that Bethany and the ladies would do exactly what is right for me. Not only do I still love the colour change weeks after, I've realised that the quiet achiever was really Bethany's cutting skills. She turned a trim into a cut that works WITH whatever stubborn ideas my hair has going on, so I can relax and do very little and it sits just right!!

Larissa, Yeronga


I've been going to AFM for a while, been loving every single appointment and have had every cut/colour imaginable! But what happens when you get an event on a Sunday morning? Your hairdresser comes out to you at 7am! If that's not dedication to service, then I don't know what is. Love, love, love you guys!

Britt Pukallus , Ashgrove

Love my salon

The girls at All For Mary are absolutely amazing. I have been coming to this fabulous salon for the past 2.5 years and will never go anywhere else. Their service is one of a kind and I have never left the salon unhappy with my hair. If you are looking for a new hairdresser you have just found them. You won't be disappointed.

Dee, Moorooka

Taking care of the shy

Being a naturally shy person, I'm always very reluctant to get my hair cut in fear of feeling intimidated with awkward conversation and not being able to express what I want. I went with a friend who is a repeat offender client and Beth sat down with me and asked me questions and what I wanted out of my hair. I told her what I didn't like and she gave me options on how to fix it, which you don't get very often at your average salon (the response I usually get is something like, "So what do you want me to do?" - I don't know, you tell me!) I'm now in love with my new fringe and how it sits nicely in a ponytail like it didn't before and I'm now more inclined to take better, professional care for my hair instead of neglecting it because I"m too scared to go! Also, Jess was very kind and gentle with the blow drying and waxing :-)

Satsuki, Brisbane

I can't wait for my next appointment!

For me to say I'm looking forward to my next hair appointment is a big thing, I normally don't like the process of getting my hair done. That was until I went to All For Mary. Bethany's scalp massage was amazing, I felt so relaxed and enjoyed everything including the shampoo to the blow-dry (which normally feels like I'm being tortured). I could have fallen asleep (Bethany even encouraged me to!). I walked out with softer, healthier hair and feeling relaxed and happy. All For Mary seems like more than just a hair salon, their customers are part of a little community. They care about everyone who comes as well as their charity partners. I go in there knowing I am supporting a great small business and others less fortunate.

Josie, Brisbane

Absolutely Raving Mad for All For Mary - Part 1 of 2

5 stars doesn't even adequately describe how you will feel after you walk out of the All For Mary salon. It's more than just a salon. You walk through the front door and have an instant sense of belonging. Its a place where dreams can be born, nurtured and reach their potential. It's a community and a safe place. It's a place where you can leave your troubles and worries at the door and feel like you're being given the VIP treatment. It's a salon where you won't find yourself being convinced that you have to take home 5 products that you have no idea how to use or what they even actually do. The staff will only ever recommend you products to help you get those luscious locks under control or those split ends repaired with a full understanding of how to use the product and what they will do. The ladies will always work with you to help you achieve the hair that you've only ever always dreamt about. You will never meet such a talented group that are 150% all about you and your hair.

Mellie, Yeronga

Absolutely Raving Mad for All For Mary - Part 2 of 2

Before I met Beth and the girls at All For Mary I used to let myself believe that my once-a-year-birthday-haircut was fine for me. Just the one colour all over. Nothing adventurous. And always saying goodbye to heaps of my hair due to a years worth of damage. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could grow my hair any longer or have a colour (or colours) other than just brunette. Whilst I still might not be their most adventurous client they have, I can confidently say that I am the most adventurous me I have been with my hair ever. From working with my fear of having my hair cut (the fear is real), to making me feel 100% confident rocking a purple balyage and simply offering a listening ear and helping you work out whatever worry you have at that point in time, you will not regret popping in to check out what all the rave is about. You can say goodbye to bad hair days with the ladies at All For Mary.

Mellie, Yeronga

Love the gang!

Can't recommend Bethany and the gang enough! Definitely all about the quality and making you feel special! Have had trims, cuts, colour and never left disappointed. Love them!!!

Belle, Yeronga

Hair Masterclass Joy

Patient and understanding team. Thank you for listening to me and helping me with my hair dramas!

Melissa, Redcliffe

Love my morning

Sitting here with two wonderful ladies Bethany and Tegan having my hair done. What an AWESOME morning! Not only have I had my hair cut and coloured but I have also had great chats, a relaxing HEATED massage chair and and scalp massage that once again put me to sleep in the chair. Can't believe I now have to go to work! But I am now so relaxed and refreshed it should be easier! Thanks Bethany and Tegan for who you are and all you do! Evelyn

Evelyn, Yeronga

Transformation Styling Event

Very friendly ladies and you get to learn hands on so you have the confidence to do it yourself.

Fiona, Margate

Transformation Styling Event

A fantastic night. The ladies are so helpful and I feel much more confident.

Rachel, Brisbane

Transformation Styling Event

Outstanding. I absolutely feel confident in applying the techniques on my hair. It was fun, very educational and I learned lots. Thank you!

Melissa, Murrumba Downs

Coaching with Beth

The coaching with Beth has made me understand that not everyone thinks like me and that it is ok. Not only do I understand myself better but I now can relate to others and have a positive influence on that person.

Grace, Ipswich

Love it!

Finding a new hairdresser is like trying to find a new local, but All for Mary made this an easy choice. After having friends rave about the service, value for money and attention to detail, I was not disappointed. Courtney was lovely - easygoing and honest, giving great advice which resulted in a new look I am so pleased and comfortable with! What a fantastic approach to customer care and service.

Anne, Brisbane

Healthy Hair

Bethany is amazing! The salon and its staff are so relaxed and friendly and she has brought my hair back to a beautiful shiny condition and I'm always so happy with my colour.

Ellie, Yeerongpilly

I think I've found the one!

"I think I've found the one!" At All For Mary, you get more than what you pay for, its not just that my hair looks great at the end of the appointment, it's that I feel great inside me! And going on weeks after my appointments I still get compliments and even from my sister (whilst at the gym!) that my hair looks great! Which is a huge confidence boost! I can't wait for my next one to refresh my hair and mind with the lovely ladies at All For Mary! <3

Britt, Brisbane

My Wedding

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to Beth and Tegan for doing our wedding hair. I absolutely loved my hair I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I love how you listened to all of my ideas and turned them into one unique style that was stunning and suited my hair and face shape perfectly. My hair lasted the whole day and night (even after being blown by gale winds down at the beach for our photo shoot). The bridesmaid’s hair was also beautiful and it all looked so perfect in our photos. Karmen!!!!

Karmen, Mount Isa

My first All For Mary experience

I just wanted to say thank you for your care and attention on Saturday. My first All for Mary experience was truly wonderful! Beth, I was able to do my hair using all your tips this morning and felt good about it for the first time in two weeks :) You are awesome! My husband Simon will be calling to make an appointment too!! Looking forward to my next visit already ...!

Anne, Middle Park

The All For Mary Experience

As a person who is very fussy about their hair, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair but the girls at All for Mary. I always walk out so happy with my hair but also feeling good about myself and having had a great laugh with all the girls there. Great atmosphere, amazing girls and brilliant hairdressers. Can't ask for a better experience then an All For Mary one!

Tamara, Sunnybank

Trying something new

Thanks Bethany for ever so gently encouraging me to do something different (even if only temporary!). I really enjoyed letting go of the norm in the end and having straight hair for a bit! I even took photos! You and Tegan were right and I did get used to the straight hair and enjoyed the change. Thanks for an always great experience. Love your salon! And I even have a new idea for a book to read!

Claire, Yeronga

So Happy!

First time and I'm so happy! Thank you 5 stars service and for your professionalism! See you in 6 weeks

Amanda, Brisbane


Amazing...Thank you so very much. Best hair cut ever!!

Michael , Brisbane

I'm a Raving Mary

I'm a raving Mary, most weeks I find myself talking about AFM to someone in my circle of friends & colleagues, it's so more than a hairdresser....Beth & the girls have a unique point of difference in their philosophy....it's about holistically making people look as good as they feel, or even better.

Sarah, Yeronga

Love my colour!

The atmosphere is so relaxing and beautiful. I have been blown away! I am so happy with the work Chantelle has done to my hair and can't wait for my next visit xx

Samantha, Ipswich

Great life advice!

Definitely the best hair place in Brisbane. I love how you feel so welcome to be there and share your stories! Not only amazing hair dos but great life advice!

Britt, Yeronga

So Grateful

Last time I came to All For Mary I was with my brand new 3 week old baby who had been struggling with some medical issues. I was tired, worn out and exhausted (yes I know they all mean the same thing but I literally can't find any other way to express how I was feeling that day) and my husband suggested we get my hair done to help me feel a little better. I walked into A4M and was greeted so beautifully by a friendly and accommodating young woman who reassured me I was free to nurse and cuddle my baby whenever I needed and that they were there to help me relax. After managing to refrain from falling into a hormonal heap of thankfulness I enjoyed the best scalp massage of my life, a delicious coffee and walked out with one of the best hair cuts I've ever had!! Regardless of winning a competition I'm glad I could share this story because it will always be a fond memory in the midst of a crazy time. Thank you All For Mary!

Sarah, Murrumba Downs


Everything SUPERB as usual!!! Wonderful!!!

Anne-Maree, Yeronga

Split Ends Treatment

I got the Split Ends Treatment and absolutely LOVE IT! My hair feels fantastic over a week later! My ends are no longer dry and frizzy, even after I wash it. I highly recommend this treatment for any hair type. Thanks All For Mary Team for controlling my frizz!!! :-)

Jess, Indooroopilly

Loving Tegan

Young Tegan has a fantastic attitude to her future hairdressing aspirations. She treated me superbly yesterday for a blowdry!

Helen, Yeronga

Thanks Claire!

Thanks you Claire - outstanding. Great service and beautiful hair - VERY HAPPY! Cheers, Nicole

Nicole, Rocklea

Tegan is awesome!

Thanks Tegan for a terrific scalp massage! It was the best!!

Estelle, Tennyson

Amazing Salon

What an amazing salon - made so special by the beautiful team who create such a relaxing and real experience.

Charlotte, Brisbane

Loving the curly blowdry

Chantelle is AMAZING! Best curly blowdry I've ever had! All my fears of blowdries are now gone! Xx

Alexia, Indooroopilly

Go you gorgeous good thing!

Bethany your awesome cutting and care of a 64 year old short, fat, balding, ugly grandfather of 4's hair is LEGENDARY! Go you gorgeous good thing!

Chris 'Buddha' Handy, Fairfield

No More Dramas Club

I LOVE being in the 'No More Drama's Club'! Being able to pay a small amount each week and know that I can afford to get my hair done every 6 weeks is awesome. Getting salon shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking and feeling great between visits is also great! I love that I can fit in ME TIME into the family budget with ease, which before the NMDC was hard with 3 children.

Katie, Ipswich

Love my salon

I love it when you walk thru the doors or All for Mary and get great service and experience every time. I have learnt so much on each visit to the salon about how to care for and style my hair, and I am not some type of girls girl that has time to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning to get that salon look. The team at All for Mary understands that and helped me get a simple, manageable hair routine that gives me confidence to leave the house each day but isn't costing me heaps or taking up too much time. I have to wear my hair up for work, but want to leave it out on the weekends, and they helped me come up with a solution for both. I no longer worry about fluffy, unmanageable hair. I would recommend All for Mary to anyone and everyone!! You won't be disappointed. Everything Bethany says is true. She is passionate about great hair, for everyone everyday. :)

Sharron , Kenmore

My Wedding

I'm absolutely thrilled I chose Bethany and her team to do my wedding day hair! The girls arrived on time and got straight into it, ensuring we stuck precisely to our schedule. My hair looked exactly as I dreamed it would for my big day and more importantly it lasted well into the night (despite lots of dancing)! All five of my bridesmaids and my mum were more than happy with their fabulous dos too. Nothing was ever too big an ask for Bethany. She's easily adaptable, listened to our requests and pulled every look off!

Rebecca, Yeronga

Wedding Day

I am pleased to say that Bethany from 'All For Mary' created exquisite and elegant up styles for my wedding. I feel that Bethany listened to my ideas and went to a lot of effort to make this a collaborative process. A truly fabulous effort on her behalf, I would recommend her service any day.

Melanie, Acacia Ridge

My New Salon

Having now been here 3 times I would never go anywhere else. Great haircuts, colour, head massages that I don't want to stop! Brilliant staff, so pleasant and helpful and so full of expert knowledge. An absolute pleasure coming here.

Sandra, Algester


Best head massage ever! Thank you. Colour was great, cut was fabulous. A great experience.

Janine, Ashgrove

Thank you Elise!

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Elise for making a Mumma feel pampered. Thoroughly enjoyed my first salon experience with you and lapped up the luxury of my freebie lash tint for the total makeover. I've got so many compliments for my hair and it's only been two hours!

Tegan, Yeronga

Best Haircut EVER!

The MOST positive comments received about my new hair style - no after salon snipping necessary either!

Narelle, Rockhampton


Not entirely sure where to start with this one, as having worked closely with Bethany as she dreamed up and created her brand All For Mary I got to know her fairly well! Beth is an inspirational leader, experienced business owner and fantastic people person who has nothing but love and compassion for staff and clients alike. Although I was employed, it felt more like working WITH Beth. She is entirely focused, driven and creative and instills this in each and every staff member she nourishes and motivates to become all they can be and more. Her vision is extraordinary and the very concept of her salon says a lot about Beth's virtues. An absolute breath of fresh air in today's society and more than a 'boss' Beth has become a friend. I am forever thankful that I met her as I truly believe she has instilled a little of her goodness in me!!

Adele, Scotland

Thanks Chantelle!

Always good to get my hair done by Chantelle! Was a lovely experience at All For Mary! I'LL BE BACK!

Lauren, Yeronga

Wedding hair

I would highly recommend Beth to anyone looking for wedding hair. She was full of advice and help in the lead up to the day and on the day she was amazing!! So friendly and made my wedding morning even more fun and memorable. My bridesmaids hair and my hair all looked amazing and I couldn't have been more happy. Beth came up with lots of fantastic ideas and suggestion and just hit the nail on the head with everything!! You will defiantly not be disappointed with her work.

Angela Alexander, Brisbane


I have had the pleasure of experiencing the All for Mary difference on a few occasions now and they have all been AMAZING. I have also had the pleasure of working with Bethany on a business level and had her coaching my team of Beauty Therapists. She has such an amazing way of helping people see things in a very different light. As a business we have grown and benefitted so much from Bethany's coaching and love what she does. I can't thank her enough for the help she has given me on getting my 'vision' through to my staff and clients.

Kara, Ipswich

Transformation Styling Hair Event

I attended the Transformation Styling evening at All For Mary and had a great time. It was fun and very informative. I learnt how to style my own hair and some tricks to keep it nice in between my salon visits. I would recommend this event to anyone - very pleased I joined in!!

Jill, South Brisbane

So very happy!

So very happy! Just had a hair cut from Bethany and blow dry from Chantelle and it was awesome! I am so glad I found this salon. The energy, the ethos and people are all beautiful. I would fully recommend them..

Claire, Yeerongpilly


Love All For Mary. Best salon experience I've had. I know every time I leave my hair will look amazing! Thank you girls :)

Kristen, Brisbane


Feels so great now after my time of being pampered - highlights, scalp massage, massage chairs and coffee!

Tracey, Yeronga

Fantastic Experience

Love it, fantastic experience! Thank you.

Fleur, Yeronga

Loved it!

When I first came into the salon the service was awesome. I was made to feel so welcome and special by all! Hair colour was great and lasted longer than other experiences. Loved it!

Mary, Yeronga

No More Dramas

Thank you so much to Bethany and Mariah for not only giving me a brilliant cut and colour but for being so understanding and accommodating when I had an issue at home and had to cancel my appointment. No More Dramas Club really is No More Dramas Club!

Joanne, Yeronga

Salon Coaching

The coaching with Beth has made me understand that not everyone thinks like me and that it is OK! Not only do I understand myself better but I now can relate to others and have a positive influence on that person.

Grace, Jimboomba

Thank You!

The night before my appointment I couldn't sleep because I was so excited! Everything has been amazing :-)

Grace, Jimboomba


Brown sounds kinda boring but not when it comes to hair. I'm not red hot this time I'm a beautiful rich brown. Thanks again AFM feeling like a rockstar once again.

Debbie, Mansfield

Thanks ladies!

I've been coming to All For Mary since September 2013. Since then I have always had a 'superior' colour and cut! I love the colour, it's so natural! The cut is edgy and stylish! I enjoy coming to the salon as it's relaxing and fun!

Wendy, Yeronga

Miracle Treatment

I loved getting the miracle hair treatment. It made my hair feel so healthy.

Helen, Yeronga


I love that the girls at All For Mary always give the best recommendations for my hair, from cut to colour to the products I use. I always feel confident and excited that I will love my hair every time I leave the salon!!!

Jess, Brisbane

It has completely changed my hair!

I trust the beautiful staff at All For Mary with all my heart! My hair feels better than ever after making the change to Eleven Australia products! It has completely changed my hair! Thank you for providing such an amazing, trustworthy and obviously caring service!

Gliere, Yeronga

Salon Experience

Very happy with my experience in every area. Great staff and love my hair! Thank you!

Tessa, Tennyson


LOVE IT! Been coming here for a while now and I'm never going anywhere else! All the gals are incredible :-P

Kirrily, Coorparoo

LOVING All For Mary!

Beth your one incredible hairdresser! Your staff and salon are amazing! Absolutely love going to All for Mary, best salon I have been to in Brisbane. They listen and care for your needs and absolutely loving Eleven care products!! xx

Lara, Yeronga / Brisbane

Love my visits!

I just love coming here to All For Mary! They always do such a great job and they look after you so well. They are the best!

Jan, Yeerongpilly

Fabulous Haircuts!

Beth - I appreciate all you do for me as well as your fabulous haircuts!!! Love you! Xx

Sharron , Sherwood

No More Dramas Club

I LOVE being in the No More Dramas Club! Being able to pay a small amount each week and know that I can afford to get my hair done every 6 weeks is awesome. Getting salon shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking and feeling great between visits is also great! I love that I can fit 'me time' into the family budget with ease, which before the No More Dramas Club was hard with 3 children. Together my husband and I were able to budget all my hair needs in in a way that works in with our family expenses. Thank you for this fantastic concept!

Katie, Ipswich

LOVING the No More Dramas Club!

Really felt the true meaning of my 'No More Dramas Club' today. With Christmas then a holiday money is a tad tight at the moment. Put it this way...without my No More Dramas Club membership I would not be looking so good right now. I'm cut, coloured and blowdried and I didn't even open my wallet! LOVE this idea! It's great. You guys are great and I look GREAT! Thank You.

Debbie, Mansfield

Excellent Service

I enjoy the service provided by the All For Mary staff, especially Mariah and Beth - that's why I keep coming back. Happy bunch of people and a treasure to talk to - genuine. Excellent service, please don't change.

Minerva, Tennyson

Turned my day around!

Turned my day around! Best trip to the hairdresser to date! Thank you :-)

Danielle, Yeronga

Red hot

Another fantastic experience had today with Miss Bethany. Off on a cruise next week looking red hot thanks to Bethany's new colour for me. Love it. Also had the most amazing head/neck massage. Walked out feeling ten feet tall and gorgeous. Thank you again lovely ladies and see you next year. ( pre booked for the whole year) I'm not missing out on my 5 weekly treat xx

Debbie, Mansfield

Courtney Ellis - Reference working for Bethany at All For Mary

I have had the privilege of knowing Bethany Inez for the past 7 years; not only as an employer, but as a business owner, a teacher and a friend. Bethany has such a passion to teach people and pass on her knowledge to see others grow from it. She is an amazing manager and supports her staff with care and compassion, a rare trait to find in managers. Bethany has helped to shape me and support me, with my career and personal decisions. She would be an amazing asset to anyone as she will live up to her promises. Bethany goes above and beyond for anyone.

Courtney, Brisbane

Balayage Bliss!

I absolutely LOVE my balayage by Elise! Your service is always brilliant and I always feel safe in the hands of an All For Mary Stylist.

Dominique, Pullenvale

First time

A very educational experience. I'm very appreciative of Bethany taking the time to teach me how to care for my hair. Love the colour and the cut. Will definitely be making this my regular hair sanctuary.

Melanie, Brisbane

All For Mary Testimonial

Always first class service. A hairdresser that cares and listens. I have never needed or wanted to go anywhere else.

Karen Stephens, Yeronga

Singing 'I'm sexy & I know it!!'

If you haven't been? You haven't lived - simple as! Each & every visit is like a catch up with friends and I have left feeling refreshed with a smile from ear to ear! Get in, get involved & join the rest of us Raving Mary's! #hair#talented#superbcustomerservice#smileitconfusespeople x Thanks a million All For Mary Team, you have me hooked!!

Caitriona Black, Brisbane

Bad Week

I went into see the girls to get my regrowth done (finally) and I had just crashed my car the day before and my phone broke that same day. Beth gave me a cuddle made me feel at home, offered the usual coffee, tea, water and she even tried to offer vodka. Lucky for her I don't drink but it just shows how much these girls care about their customers.

Lizzie, Moorooka

A new baby and a new do for this tired mummy.

A new baby and a new do. I love my new hair style! I was in need of a good tidy-up after months of neglect after baby number 2. Feeling like a new women. Big thanks for the quick and easy styling tips too.

Peppa, Yeronga

Love it!

My hair is awesome.... I just wanna touch it!!! Thanks Beth.

Kristin , Moorooka

Thank you ladies!

Lovely colour, advice and experience. So professional, but friendly with it. Love my new colour! Thank you!

Louise Clarke, Annerley


I recently attended a Transformation Styling night at All for Mary. I got so much out if the evening and am now able to blow dry my hair like a pro! The girls introduced me to the right products which make such a difference. Now using the right shampoo my hairstyle lasts for 3 to 4 days instead of 2! I would recommend the salon to anyone, it has changed my routine for the better.

Diane, Tennyson

I will return to 'All For Mary'

First time was definitely not my last time! A fresh, innovative feel in the salon was a welcome change. Welcoming and energetic staff who went beyond hairdressing to make my experience pleasant. Not only did I love my new hair style but the follow up call and product information ensured that I was treated like a valued customer! Thanks a bunch and see you soon :)

Rachel M, Yeronga

I love AFM!

I love AFM. My last haircut was my best experience in the salon, I had a big change so I was nervous, but Beth sat me down and made it such a good experience. I love my new style!

Niki, Brisbane

THE catch up!

Spent a relaxing hour or so with Bethany again recently, having a good natter and getting a great hair cut in the process. Always look forward to my next visit. Go Bethany, go All for Mary!

Jacky Morgan, Yeronga

A new experience

Having just moved from Darwin to Brisbane, I was blown away by the way I was treated in the salon. Even though I didn't have my hair done (waxing) I experienced a complete service. The stickers all over the walls down to making sure I was ok throughout the time I was there. Your promotional activities or Facebook are addictive! Am impressed with your genuine care for your clients! Very much the future of hairdressing! I will b back!!

Peta Koopmans , Yeronga


Sitting waiting for my next experience with Bethany. Even before she starts I'm excited. Love our chat before we begin. Bethany covers all bases before she begins. Love that girl xx

Debbie Battis, Mansfield

I have found my new hair salon xxx

Amazing, loving and caring treatment. So professional and taught me how to care for my hair. I have found my new hair salon xxx

Liz, Yeronga

Another awesome haircut!

Another awesome haircut! Thanks so much for your brilliant work and happy atmosphere.

Kelly, Upper Mt Gravatt

Best salon experience in Brisbane!

Best salon experience in Brisbane! Great service and experience! Elise is the queen of blondes!

Pam, New Farm

Thank you for giving me the make over I so badly needed!

Had a fantastic experience which was not surprising as I always do! Thank you for giving me the make over I so badly needed! Also want to say the staff are always so friendly, warm and encouraging! KEEP IT UP! :-)

Leisha, Tarragindi

Great colour, ALWAYS a superb cut!

Great colour, ALWAYS a superb cut! Above all though, compassionate, thoughtful service and the centre of attention for a small point in time!

Anne-Marie , Yeronga

All For Mary is definitely 'All For ME'.

All For Mary is definitely 'All For ME'. I can genuinely tell anyone looking for a great cut and colour, whether the change is big or small, subtle or dramatic - the All For Mary girls listen and get it right, EVERY time. Xx

Sarah, Yeronga

My favourite salon experience EVER!!

All For Mary has provided me with my favourite salon experience EVER!! The staff are all so friendly and very knowledgable. My hair was exactly what I wanted and looked amazing. I also picked up some tips along the way. I'll be back for my next haircut for sure.

Emily, Moorooka

I love the feel of the salon!

Elise was so helpful in helping me decide on a new style and colour! I love the feel of the salon, it is so positive and relaxing!

Wendy, Yeronga

Thank you All For Mary!

Love getting my hair done here! Every time I leave I feel refreshed and beautiful!

Alexia, Kenmore

Very, very happy!

I'm a new mum and time is at a premium. The team at All For Mary understood and happily booked my cut one week and my colour the next. I ended up with a FANTASTIC cut and colour, and head massage :-) Very, very happy!

Erica, Yeronga

An absolute pleasure.

My experience with All For Mary has always been very good. From the time I walk in the door I am always very well looked after. The staff always listen to what you want and then carry your directions out. A pleasure to be there.

Ian, East Brisbane

THANK YOU for the great experiences!

It's nice to be excited about a visit to the hairdresser. THANK YOU for the great experiences! :-)

Kellie, Yeronga

I always feel welcomed, like it's my home away from home

Whenever I come to All For Mary I am greeted with a smile. All the staff are lovely and I always feel welcomed, like it's my home away from home. Beth always makes me feel like a new woman when I leave.

Racheal , Edens Landing

They Understand Me

I always book my appointment when I finish work. I arrive tired and a little messy looking. Well from the moment I walk through those doors till I leave I feel like part of the family, they understand me so well not just my hair but also my mood. Great coffee great massage great conversation fabulous hair from a group of amazingly beautiful and talented young women. Thank you XoX

Debbie Battis, Mansfield

All for Mary go that one step further

Finding a hairdresser that you can trust to do what you ask is extremely hard. Beth and her amazing team at All for Mary take it one step further. They get to know and understand their customer and suggest new looks and ideas that I would never of thought possible. Beth has an amazing talent for being able to do the best style or colour which brings out all my best features. I will travel to the end of the globe to get my hair done by Beth from All for Mary. All for Mary is a family friendly salon, affordable with amazing service. Thanks Beth.

Brigette, Brisbane

My Hair Saviour

I've known Bethany for quite some time now. Not only is she a dear friend of mine but also my hair saviour. She has been there for my first styling, blow dry, and beautiful cuts. Not only is she professional but also one of the friendliest person you will ever meet. She is helpful, caring, genuine, and truthful. I was very lucky to have her on my big day. But it's about time I shared her to the world. Happy styling! Irene xo

Irene, Brisbane

Had swore off hair salons

About 7 years ago I swore off hair salons. I had a really bad cut, paid a fortune for it, then "had" to buy more expensive products to make it look decent. An ex hairdresser girlfriend has done my hair ever since. I miss out on the salon experience but she's never led me astray when I show her pictures of my next hair cut desire. Now I've found All For Mary I'm back to enjoying a salon experience. Even though I want the celebrity look, I want it to look right on me every day not just when I leave the salon. You guys have given me that and it's awesome!!

Lisa, Brisbane

Thank you!!

I just want to thank the team at All for Mary! Never have I felt more confident leaving a salon. I walked into the salon... my hair in dire need of some style. The girls took the time to talk with me about my hair, gave me tips and focused on creating a unique look just for me! I LOVE everything about my new look! It's the perfect look just for me I will definitely be recommending you, thanks again!

Tammalee, Brisbane

So impressed

Normally after having a haircut from a different stylist, I go home, complain a bit, maybe cut a bit and whinge that the 10 minute massage only lasted 1 song on the radio. After Bethany cut my hair & seeing it in the mirror at the salon, I didn't even bother to check it once I got home, I knew it was perfect. My hubby was amazed. I am even taking my 2 and a half year old daughter to her for her first ever haircut. And the massage...perfect!

Joanne, Brisbane

I love you All for Mary!

I always look forward to getting my haircut because I know the team at All For Mary will look after me. Best head massages and even though I don't know anything about hair, they make sure they explain everything and they have never steered me wrong!

Karis, Brisbane

Hair Love in Oz

I originally moved from Ireland to Brisbane over 3years ago. *Crisis* I was stopped in the airport and robbed of my most important possession, my best mate and my hair dresser all rolled into one (so what that she didn't have a ticket? I need herrrr) I arrived in a new city and soon had new regrowth. My beautiful blonde locks cannot survive without her? *Oh yes they can*! I spied someone else with nice blonde hair and forwardly asked 'who does your hair? I need to go there!' And so I did. I have been following Beth's work since and have found not only a great salon/great environment/great hair but also been lucky enough to not replace but gain a great friend! I hope anyone who may read this realises that if they want a good thing, time after time, you NEED to experience the 'All For Mary' salon at Yeronga! I promise I won't say 'I told you so' xx

Caitriona, Brisbane


I walked into All for Mary feeling horrible about my look and my hair. After being greeted by the wonderfully bubbly Bethany I was sát down and we had a chat about my hair. After throwing some of my ideas around I ended up with a colour I adore and a cut to match! I left feeling confident that it was a 'me' look as Beth had really listening to what I had liked about my hair. It was the best salon experience I've had! Thank you All for Mary and Beth!!

Alexia, Brisbane

Thank you for the friendly service!

All For Mary caters for anyone who wants to look like the fabulous version of themselves- love the genuinely friendly staff and quality service you get from each visit!

Sammy, Brisbane

Go to All For Mary!

I would recommend All For Mary to everyone! I always leave very happy! My hair can be very challenging and yet I have always walked out feeling great, with a new found confidence.

Katie, Ipswich

Loving my hair

So pleased Bethany is back in a salon. Just had a very good haircut at All for Mary. Great new salon and lovely young team. Excellent!

Jacky, Brisbane
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