Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin (200mL)

Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin (200mL)
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Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin

Designed for all those retro gangstas, dominatrix wannabes and business ginas who, provided with the opportunity, will provide themselves the fantasy.

If gangsta grip had been around in the 50’s, brylcreem wouldn’t have made a cent. Gangsta grip is an extremity in its slickness and an anomaly in the firmness of its holding power. Separate or slick it back and just feel the ride.


a resin that generates strong control and hold, and can be reactivated with water.

protects from humidity and uv light. reactivates with water. provides ultimate hold even on coarse hair.

recommended for
all hair types

200ml / e6.8fl.oz

key ingredients
pvp/va copolymer, methacrylate copolymer, amp-acrylates/allyl methacrylate co polymer

*sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free (to make your day that little bit safer)


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