Split Ends Treatment The Finer Details


The reason your stylist tells you your ends need to get cut off is because once the cuticle of your hair lifts up it's a long journey using hair care products to get it back down again. In the race between the now split-strand-splitting-further-up your hair and the product-caring-TLC to secure it back down again, the further split generally takes the lead...until the Split Ends Treatment was created. This treatment is like putting an invisible seal over your strands of hair, holding the split strand back together while also protecting it from further damage so that it has a fightig chance to recover. Having this service done means you can push your haircuts out longer knowing that for 4 weeks (the lenght of time until it dissolves back off your hair) it is being protected by this coating. Having this service done regularly (aka every 4 weeks) means that your hair is continuously protected and you can avoid those scissors all together whilst still maintaining healthy, split free, gorgeous hair. 

Note - The severity of how bad your splits are will determine the result. If its been yeeeeaarrss since you've had a cut and you have inches of damaged ends to repair this isn't going to cure that in one service. When used as a maintenance (as in, remove the split ends with a haircut and then have the treatment done regularly, this is when you can expect to keep those splits away more radically. 

Invisible/no regrowth line



Step 1. Your hair is shampooed but not conditioned, leaving the cuticle open to absorb as much of the Split Ends Treatment as possible.

Step 2. The Split Ends Treatment is applied from the mid lengths to the ends of your hair.

Step 3. With no processing time your blowdry will begin straight away with a sneaky technique that prevents the product from being heated off your hair.

Step 4. Now that the product has been set in your hair it will be ironed in by passing the straightening iron over each section 4-5 times (due to this part of the process the only result you can have for this service is a straight blowdry, not curls)

Step 5. Enjoy! You can wash your hair again whenever you like, the service will be set in by the time you walk out of the salon leaving you to get it wet, tie it up or enjoy the gorgeous blowdry until you've pushed the boundaries of dry shampoo to their very limit. 









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