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Gone are the days where your unmanageable tresses keep you at home in exasperation on a Friday night! The technology available in hair smoothing services means that gorgeous, manageable hair is now available to you...regardless of what genes you may have inherited.

Brazilian Blowout

Imagine being able to leave your house in Brisbane's humid weather without a monstrous frizz ball sitting on your head...

Imagine getting that extra 30 minutes sleep each morning because your hair only requires a quick primp before you can float out the door feeling as though there should be a red carpet to your front gate...

Imagine running your fingers through silky, soft, smooth hair, casually answering the question from every woman around you. "How do you get your hair so healthy and shiny?!"...

Imagine that life starts tomorrow!

At All For Mary™ we have the cure for frizzy, puffy, out-of-control, ridiculously-long-to-blowdry hair. Your locks can now be tamed and smoothed with a Brazilian Blowout Treatment! While creating these results in your hair only takes a few hours, the effects will rock your world for 12-16 weeks!




(Our salon uses Brazilian Blowout Select. This product uses amino acids to create a smooth, frizz free result. We have chosen this brand as it is currently achieving the best results worldwide, being voted the best professional smoothing treatment 5 years in a row. This product does not contain any formaldehyde.)

Indulge in an All For Mary™ delectable treat!

Brazilian Blowout Services Price Service Times

Short Hair (hair cut to bob length at bottom of your hairline)

$240 2 hours

Medium Hair (hair sitting between a bob length down to your shoulders)

$290 2 hours 15 minutes

Long Hair (hair touching your shoulders or longer)

$380 2 hours 30 minutes

Epic Add On (hair the parentals generously passed down enough for 5 heads worth, or it's grown long enough to sit on...this add on covers the extra time and product necessary for your mane)

$60 Add another 30 minutes to your length time


The images above are an example of the difference an All For Mary™ Brazilian Blowout makes. In the first image the hair is completely natural and product free. We treated one side of our models hair and then a week later (after it had been freshly washed and left to dry naturally with no product) we capture the middle two images. Take a look at the significant difference this smoothing treatment has made on the hair on the left side of her head. We then completed the entire service treating the right side. The hair in the last image is in it's natural state with no styling product in so you can compare the complete result an All For Mary™ Brazilian Blowout makes. 

See other results achieved with a Brazilian Blowout here 


Split Ends Treatment

You're desperately growing your hair, yet know that maintaining those ends is vitally important to have it looking amazing when it reaches your dream length. So, like a good girl, you get trims regularly, only to have to hold back the tears as the stylist tells you how much needs to come off due to damaged ends. It's like you are saying goodbye to what feels like every millimetre of growing effort since the last cut! You can see the damage so you know the stylist is right to do so, but how unfair that you are getting nowhere with your goal!

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

At All For Mary™, we have the solution to end this frustrating cycle! To get you speeding along to your goal length, we have a treatment that will mend your hair and create a barrier that prevents further breakage - with the added bonus of keeping your hair smoother, shinier and more manageable to blowdry! The results last you 4 weeks, which means you can delay that painful haircut or avoid haircuts all together by having this service maintained monthly, so you can reach your desired length faster.

Please note: The Brazilian Blowout Split Ends Treatment must always be created with a blowdry. You have the option of having a Haircut and the Split Ends Treatment added onto that, or having a Blowdry with the Split Ends Treatment added on. Prices of full service will fluctuate depending on length of hair.

Indulge in an All For Mary™ delectable treat!

Split Ends Treatment Services Price Service Time

Split Ends Treatment


20 minutes (additional to other booked service)

Mary's Special: Purchase 5 Split Ends Treatments, receive the 6th FREE

*Split Ends Treatment special covers the treatment itself, blowdrys are an additional purchase



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