School Affiliate

Create an ongoing fundraiser for your school that saves time, has potential for continual revenue increase and doesn’t require school families spending extra. All For Mary are providing Australian Schools with an opportunity to raise funds to be used for aiding educating children. Simply by changing spending habits to purchasing hair products online, these everyday necessary items can now be creating revenue that filters directly back to whichever current project needs attention.  

Parents will also benefit from the convenience of online shopping! Ordering from the comfort of their couch they have the choice to have the items delivered to their home, or ready waiting for them to quickly duck into the salon on their way home.

To first understand how an Affiliate Program works jump onto this page and have a read. Once you are familiar with the concept have a look at these ideas we have specially for supporting Schools.


Begin by advertising the campaign to your families via whichever means you have available: your school newsletter, social media, website or even notes for the children to take home. Let parents know that by changing their spending habits to online purchasing at their money will now be working for them and their children.


To take full advantage you want to advertise this campaign to every person who comes across your website. Set up a permanent link to the All For Mary shop advertising that purchasing through there raises funds for your school.


Create a permanent spot in the newsletter reminding them of this fundraising opportunity. When relevant update the school community on revenue received and thank them for their support. If you have a digital newsletter or email access to parents post the link to the website with your tracking code and suggest they save it as a favourite (that way they will always enter the website through YOUR link rather than going directly to the All For Mary website - which would mean their purchase would miss your affiliate)

Spread the word

This opportunity is relevant for more than the parents of the children attending your school. Encourage everyone to spread the word to their families, friends and even work colleagues to create a larger group all supporting the school’s funding.  With Australia wide delivering we can cater for anyone that is connected in some way to a family at the school with all funds benefiting the children.


Looking forward to partnering with you to support the education of Australian children. 

Grace said:
Not only do I understand myself better but I now can relate to others and have a positive influence on that person.
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