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Could you be part of the All For Mary™ Team?

At our salon we never want to focus on a specific niche, or one particular area of our industry. We believe that there are too many wonderful aspects of our industry to keep anything from our creative world. In other words...we want it ALL!

We are a salon that recognises that every artist has a strength. We know that life isn't as much fun when you are trying to master all of your weaknesses instead of just rejoicing in your strengths. Rather than expect our team members to master everything we do, we are looking to nurture their unique talents, setting them up as experts of their specific area.

To see this well-rounded salon, that caters to every Mary and Marty's needs come to life, we, as a salon team will master every aspect of this awesome industry!

All For Mary™ are putting together our All Star Team! 

Take a look at our team roles below. Is there one that sounds like you? If so, please contact us so we can chat about how we might be able to work together.

Not all of these team roles have vacanacies right now. If you are insterested in a position that we are not currently looking to fill don't sweat it! We will keep your details close and contact you as soon as a position becomes available.

It may be that you are not ready to make a move right now. Don't sweat that either! Contact us to discuss your future plans and how we might be able to help you make them happen.

If you would like more updates on which positions we are looking for keep an eye on our facebook page


Members of the All Star Team:

Colour Maestro

The Chameleon

Lock Lopper

Marty Manager

Mentor to the Minions


Style Guru




Colour Maestro

You just can't help yourself, colour is your world! It fills your dreams and inspires your daily thoughts! It grabs your attention and excites you to your core! The desire to create that smile on your clients face with your immaculate foils; the most exquisite balayage and perfectly picking colours that accentuate each clients unique features runs deep in your veins. Does this sound like you? Then we need to talk.

All For Mary™ is on the lookout for a Colour Maestro for our salon on the south side of Brisbane. A stylist that not only creates impeccable masterpieces for their clients, but one who is confident to lead our salon as 'the colour expert', training up our minions to the same high standard as themselves. A colourist who is always experimenting with new ideas, new looks and new ways of expressing the unique personalities of our Mary's through their luscious locks.


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The Chameleon

Who is The Chameleon? They are a stylist that can’t be boxed in with one speciality. They absorb every aspect of this awesome industry and can’t bring themselves to part from any section of it. Cutting, colouring, styling, barbering, even beauty services…they are the gluttonous personality that must HAVE IT ALL! Their passion disqualifies them from an attitude that says, ‘Heck no, I don’t want to do one of those!’  Infinity is their only limit.

Are you a stylist who has your finger in every pie? One who isn’t content unless you can master every part of the service for every Mary and Marty that walk through the salon doors? You would feel like you’re tragically missing out if you spending your days doing cut after cut and never getting your hands dirty with some colour.  You see that wedding party being booked in, and already your head is imaging the dream hair you could create for that bride.  ‘Put me in a box!  I’m an all-rounder BABY!! I CAN DO THAT!’  You are The Chameleon!

All For Mary™ is looking for stylists like you!  Talented individuals who want to continually work on all areas of their trade; who have consistent quality and skills in all areas. Stylists who don’t want to focus on only one part. Building an all-star team requires Chameleon's like you!  Superstar stylists who’s desire is to build a large clientele, (so they have enough diversity in their clients to satiate their artistic desires and skills).

Want to take your place as our next Chameleon?

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Lock Lopper

You can do amazing things with a tint brush and a hairdryer but it's when your hands possess a pair of scissors and a comb that the magic really begins! You see shapes others can't picture. You know how to create results in a haircut that others only imagine. You never rely on 'same as before' rather always instead blitzing the boundary created at your Mary's last appointment.

Do you live to create new shapes and designs in hair that represents the unique personality of the person in front of you? Then put down those scissors just long enough to give us a call!

All For Mary™ are looking for a stylist who's cutting ability can no longer be titled by the term hairdresser but rather can only be described as being an Artist! We're looking for someone who is not only talented already, but is showing no signs of slowing down their skills progress. Someone who is keen to share their knowledge with the team around them...to start with.

Could you be our talented Lock Lopper?

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Marty Manager

Are you a stylist that has outgrown the 'short back and sides' routine? Does pushing the limits of men's styling get you pumped up? What about inspiring others to master the game of masculine grooming?

Our Marty's are trendsetters. Stylish men who like to look schmick, playing around with a fade, tracks and even sporting a thick chin warmer. Word is spreading that All For Mary™ does a great job of looking after their Marty's but we're looking for a stylist with some seriously slick barbering skills that can take that reputation even further. Are you the kind of barber that has the hair styling skills that gives Lynx ads a run for their money?

The Marty Manager position comes with the responsibility of being the expert in your barbering field; the stylist that trains up our minions to your level; the passionate barber who is not about being a watchdog of other trend setters, but rather the one that others follow. The Marty Manager masters the art of working with their clients to express their personality visually on the outside with a unique style created just for them.

Could this be you?

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Mentor to the Minions

It's that twinkle in their eye that gets you...second only to the proud smile on their face. Beaming with a confidence that screams 'I got it!' and you are so joyful for them that they did! Inside a little voice whispers...'well done, they got it because YOU got them there'...then you feel the peace. Yes I did, that's why I'm here. To be the one to create their smile, their twinkle and the confidence in their skills.

Ever felt that before? You are a born trainer! Created with a beautiful gift for encouraging and growing others. Your passion is to help those eager young hairdressing apprentices, blossom into skilled and enthusiastic hairdressers who know their stuff! Keen to live that buzz weekly?

All For Mary™ are looking for their Mentor to the Minions! Someone who has skills in all areas of the hairdressing industry and who's sole desire is to share those skills with those around them; someone who has been hairdressing for at least half a decade. You’re the kind of hairdresser our minions looks up to because you know how to produce not only great hair but get results with your stats too; someone who has the patience of a saint mixed with the determination of a warrior!

Our Mentor has the responsibility of managing our minions apprenticeships with regular training sessions, growing their database of models, encouraging them daily in the salon and growing their own clientele during any non training hours. Think you can ace it?

Don't have experience or training as a trainer? Don't worry! We are more interested in a teachable personality that not only loves the hair and beauty industry but loves the All For Mary™ culture too.

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(School based apprenticeships/apprentice positions at any level)

You can't remember when it started; it's like a sense that's always been there. Your family noticed it. Of course they did. Every doll you were ever given ended up with a makeover! Not to mention what you created for them if they ever sat down for you long enough! It's like you just know it's what you were born to do; like being a hairdresser is part of your DNA!

You are keen, passionate, teachable and hungry for becoming the best hairdresser you could possibly be! More than anything you are eager to create a smile on the face of every Mary and Marty you have the privilege of caring for.

Knowing that where you learn your hairdressing trade plays an enormous impact on where you will end up in your career, you have done your homework. You aren’t just choosing any old salon.  You are choosing a salon that can take you from A to B (and to F and G! :P) in your hairdressing career, growing confidence in your skills and in yourself along the way. And because of this desire you have been drawn to All For Mary.

There's no denying it! The standard is high, the work won't always be easy and the pressure to grow will be there...and that's exactly what you want! A salon who's high quality will grow you into a stylist that aces every aspect of this industry. A salon who will help you develop into the individual you were always meant to be… and have heaps of fun in the process.

Ready to begin your career as an All For Mary™ Minion? 

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Style Guru

You think cuts and colours are fun and all, but there is just something special about being able to mould hair into any shape you want! Something so awesome about being able to transform luscious locks into an elegant updo, soft waves or a bohemian braid. Every time you get your fingers in hair you are thinking about what a curling wand, a few pins and an awesome hairspray could create!

Could you be the Style Guru we are looking for?

All For Mary™ are looking for a talented hairdresser to set up as our styling specialist. Live in a creative paradise looking after all of our Mary's on their wedding day; creating gorgeous waves for every dinner date; styling our Mary's to perfection for every party...but the fun doesn't stop there.

Gorgeous skills like yours need to be shared with others, both our Mary's and our minions! Train our minions to be able to master the art of style to the same perfection as you; create confidence in the lives of our Mary's every day by teaching them home styling skills running our salon Hair Briefs, making sure they are looking (and feeling) amazing every day, all thanks to you.

Was this role made for you?

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Employment T's and C's

Being on the All For Mary™ Team requires from you:

  • You have to be pretty amazing at what you do, but also interested in growing your skill set. Specialising in a role doesn't mean you will never be doing other services and in fact, in the beginning while growing your clientele you WILL need to be doing other things. So, cutting, colouring and styling skills are essential for all team members.
  • A genuine interest in people and a desire to create confidence for each and every Mary and Marty you have the pleasure of looking after.
  • Passion for hairdressing and the industry (you know, waking up each day KNOWING that you were born to do this and there's nothing else you'd rather be doing.)
  • Excitement to join a creative team, bringing in your knowledge and keen to absorb the knowledge of those around you, living everyday by our team values.

What being on the All For Mary™ Team means for your work life balance:

  • We're not looking for someone to fit a specific roster, we're looking to create a work life balance with the right person, negotiating hours that work for both our latest team member and the salon. At times we will be looking for a full time position but someone working 2 or 3 shifts per week could also be great. If it's meant to be we'll be able to come up with something that puts a smile on both of our faces.
  • Generally we start our seniors on a casual hours basis then later down the track the option to go full time becomes available.
  • You will have a regular ‘weekend’ as the salon is closed Sunday and Monday.
  • Yep, we do the hours that our clients are actually available to visit us so working late nights and Saturdays will be essential. How many, well, we'll have to talk about that.
  • Want to know about the mula? The pay rate is in accordance with the Hair and Beauty Industry Award (Modern Award), be sure to check it out.


Want to find out more? Phone 3255 9868 and ask to speak with Bethany.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


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