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Our Story All For MaryThe two questions we are always asked are 'Who is Mary?' and 'How did you come up with that name?' The story behind it really captures the heart of the salon so we thought to share it with you.

Around 6 years ago, I was training my team on customer service (some salon owners love training on cuts, some on colour, my passion has always been training on customer service). I found myself constantly repeating phrases like 'when the client walks in...' or 'when the client phones up' and getting really frustrated with how that felt. Inside I was screaming 'The client has a name! The client is a person who has feelings and emotions and they want you to connect with THEM!'

One day, in an attempt to help the stylists connect with their clients, the words bubbled out of me 'When Mary walks in'. My staff immediately questioned who Mary was, to which I simply replied that Mary is the client. From that day onwards, any training I have done has always been from the angle of what Mary wants, what Mary needs, and it was there, the vision of the All For Mary experience was born.

Hairdressing is such a creative world, full of talented, artistic individuals who produce gorgeous work. But, what does all of that equate to if you haven't figured out the needs of the client in front of you? If you don't know how to make them feel at ease with the experience? Or, if you don't know how to design a style that expresses who they are as an individual?

My passion for creating All For Mary is to create an experience that does just that; provides clients with an experience that is All For THEM! An experience that combines the talented work of the artistic stylist, with the emotional needs of the person sitting in their chair. Thus in the process, encouraging confidence into the lives of every person we touch.
If this is the kind of salon experience that YOU have been searching for, All For Mary is for you. We are looking forward to meeting you in the salon soon.
Bethany Inez - All For Mary Creator and Director


All For Mary is the beginning of the change Bethany is passionately working towards for the Hair and Beauty Industry. Be part of the entire journey by connecting with her personally via any of these social media choices.




Minerva said:
Happy bunch of people and a treasure to talk to - genuine.
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