No More Dramas Club Q and A's

Q and A’s

How often are the payments made?

You have the choice of setting up weekly or fortnightly payments.


What will this turn up as on my statement?

All For Mary YERONGA


What confirmation will I have that I am paying for this program?

The completed sign up sheet will be scanned and emailed to you to keep for your records. Payments will be showing on your bank statement from All For Mary and you will also have records on the salon computer each time you have received one of your 6 weekly salon experiences. 


How will my salon experiences be monitored?

The computer system at All For Mary™ will track on your file which services you have had and the AFM tribe will make sure you are booked for your entitled services and frequency each visit. It is recommended that your next salon experience always be booked in advance (ie book the next one at each experience you attend) to make sure we can keep you on track by accomodating you into our available times. You also have the option of booking out the years worth at the initial sign up so you can be secure in your entire package being managed correctly. Our NMDC members are always the first to be offered priority bookings.


Do I have the option of making the full year payment up front?

You can chose to make the entire annual payment upfront. To say thank you for doing so we will reward you with a 10% discount off the entire bill. This is a non refundable payment option.


Will I ever be charged extra?

All of your regular hair needs are covered by the club for salon experiences every 6 weeks which includes ANY colour service you choose. If you need something outside the package (i.e. an upstyle or additional beauty services), you will be charged as per our service menu for these.


What if I need more regular salon experiences than every 6 weeks?

If 6 weekly appointments are too far apart, we can design a package specifically for you. Just speak with an All For Mary™ tribe member about your needs and we will see what personalized package can be arranged for you. Packages for a longer frequency than 6 weekly are not available.


What if I want to incorporate additional regular services? (i.e. a blowdry weekly)

A package can be specifically designed for your hair desires, just speak with with an All For Mary™ tribe member and we will see what personalized package can be arranged for you.


What happens if my hair length changes?

If your hair grows into a longer length category or if you cut your hair causing it to then become a shorter length category then your package will also be changed to accommodate the difference in legnth. Your stylist will notify you when this is necessary and a new price arrangmeent will be made for you.


What if I need to reschedule appointments?

As always, we require 24hours notice to cancel or move an appointment. Your 6 weekly salon experience can easily be moved to another day or even to the week after depending on the needs of your schedule. We will however have to charge a cancelation fee of $80 if you do not provide us with 24hours notice to move your appointment (as per our booking T's and C's). This is due to us having turned away another Mary to keep that appointment for you. 


What if I have to leave the salon?

We know that life changes all the time so you may not be able to come to All For Mary™ forever. If you’re moving or your financial situation changes, there is no obligation to keep paying your membership. Your payment will be cancelled once any services already received have been settled. A refund for payments not yet used on services isn't available, however you can utalize the amount you have paid for services to the same value or exchange it for the value in retail products. Note: If you have paid upfront for a full year you can transfer your membership over to a friend or family member.


What if I’m unhappy with the service?

We are always looking for ways to perfect and improve our service, and if there is ever anything you are unhappy with we want to hear from you so we can address the issue immediately. However, if you decide you no longer wish to be a Mary you can leave the club without explanation. Payment will be cancelled once any services already received have been settled. 


How do I arrange to cancel?

All you need do is email with your full name, mobile number and a note requestiong you wish to cancel your membership, we will arrange your cancellation from there.


What else do I need to know?

Annually there is an economic price increase that will need to be reflected in the NMDC package prices. When this happens you will be notified of this via email and then the price will automatically be increased at the next payment if we don't hear from you with a request to cancel. 


Janine said:
Best head massage ever! Colour was great, cut was fabulous. A great experience.
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