Maryism #6

Mary loves having a haircut! The split ends coming off, the annoying length poking out around the ears finally gone... not to mention that fresh and tidy feeling you walk away with! Mary does NOT like taking half of their hair home on their face, or down the back of their neck. Mary appreciates a stylist who can keep them tidy during the fountain of departing hair showering down around them. Mary prefers walking out of the salon doors without people questioning if the random strands strewn across their face are in fact attached.


Maryism #9

MarTy doesn't want (or need) a 20 minute consultation. MarTy has one basic requirement... to look good. THAT's WHY HE'S HERE! MarTy wants his stylist to support his pickup line with an image that can't be resisted (because lets face it, 'Did the landing hurt when you fell from heaven?' isn't really going to get the job done on its own!). MarTy wants it created with the majority of his involvement being getting himself into your chair.

Martys Haircuts

It's time to sit back and relax, knowing that the best haircut for you is being taken care of. Marty’s haircut experience includes a style choice chat with an expert guiding you in the right hair-direction; the joy of someone else washing your hair for a change - including spoiling you with a relaxing scalp massage; followed by a lil training on how to care and style your hair the ‘quick and simple’ way.

Experience includes consultation, hair wash, haircut and styling afterwards

Graduate Price

Martys Haircut Services Minion Price Graduate Price Service Time

Marty's Haircut

  $60 30 minutes

Clippers all over

$30 $35 15 minutes

Beard Trim

  $20 15 minutes


Martys Massage Spoils

Enjoy the scalp and neck massage so much it seems like an eternity to wait for your next haircut? Between you and don't have to draw it out that long! Treat your self to a mid salon experience massage for when you need to escape the office, the rugrats or just remove your headache!

Experience includes 10 minute scalp and neck massage and styling afterwards

This treat is available during our 'happy hours' Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm 

Spoils Service Price Service Time

Marty's Midweeker (includes 10 minute scalp and neck massage plus quick hair styling - so no one at work is the wiser) 

$25 20 minutes


UPGRADE to the Something for Marty Experience

For those times when you need one section of your day to not involve the stress of the world, enjoy all the awesomeness of an All For Marty haircut with the added indulgence of a well deserved scalp and neck massage that’s so good, you’ll forget your first name.

Experience includes consultation, haircut, 10 minute scalp and neck massage, styling afterwards

Upgraded Services Graduate Price Service Time

Something for Marty Experience

$80 45 minutes


Marty's First Experience

Really, it's about an awesome haircut, fabulous service, some well deserved time out and being given the products that work (and simply!) to create the look you want! At All For Mary™, we are all-over-that for our gents! Enjoy a haircut...designed specifically for you by our expert stylists, indulge in a relaxing 10 minute scalp and neck massage, and score $30 worth of retail products that will keep your hair looking awesome, everyday! 

Package value is $110, save $20

Experience includes a haircut, 10 minute scalp and neck massage, $30 worth of retail products.

Thinking it's time to test out some colour too? Book in ANY colour service with this offer to receive 15% off colour work. Simply mention when booking or add your desired colour service onto your appointment when booking online.

T's and C's

  • This offer is exclusive to Marty's that have not yet had an All For Mary™ salon experience
  • 15% off colour work is only available to Marty's who have purchased this package
First Experience Services Graduate Price Service Time

Marty's First Experience

$90 45 minutes


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