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All For Mary is unlike any other hairdressing salon...and that's exactly what we want! We know we stand out from the crowd. We know there is no other salon like us. We know that we don't follow the rules that the rest of the industy does...that's what makes us great! It's something we are proud of and something we will always continue to strengthen.

Are you ready to stand out with us?

A career with All For Mary isn't about coming to work and doing a 'job'. It's about coming to your other home and living what you LOVE! We seek people who have a passion for awesomeness...a passion for the same vision as us. We also seek people who are ready and willing to grow within themselves.

Joining the All For Mary Team is signing yourself up for a journey. One where while you will be encouraged and nurtured, you will also be pushed beyond the limits you thought you once had. You won't be able to escape growing, both in your hairdressing skills and within yourself.

Are you ready to grow?

How much do you desire to see real confidence in the lives of others?

How passionate are you about continually improving the quality of your work?

Do clients come first for you? How deep does your desire to focus on them flow within you?

You aren't required to have all the 'how to' knowledge to join our team, in fact, you aren't really required to have any knowledge at all! What IS required from you is that you are willing and eager, that you have a teachable mindset, that you have a heart desiring to help others and that you have a sense within yourself that you are ready for a life change. 

Do you tick all of those points?

Then come as you are. We are ready to guide you through your journey. 



 What does it look like to work with our team?

Having a strong team is essential to reaching our vision and creating a work environment where every member will flourish. Teamwork, therefore, is everything to us. Being part of the All For Mary Team means being in sync with all of our values - both salon and team. As a team, we have our own set of values that guide how we work togther...

  • Love – for the vision, for the leadership, and for one another. We are here because we not only believe in the vision, but are in love with the vision and therefore have a mutual love for those working with us on it.
  • Acceptance – we show acceptance by giving mercy to one another in any circumstance, even when it doesn’t make sense to.
  • Teamwork – we allow each team member to use their individual gifts, and know that a successful business requires all of these gifts working together, rather than one person’s gift alone.
  • Humility – we chose to think higher of others than ourselves. We respect ourselves and know that we are talented, however we also know that we are stronger within a team than without.
  • Encouragement – we choose to believe in each other, even when they personally don’t believe in themselves. Giving encouragement to our teammates is a natural part of daily life for us.
  • Honour – we example honour daily by recognising someone’s strengths, lending support when needed and showing respect to everyone around us.
  • Obedience – we follow the directions of those we’re surrounded by.  We trust that as part of fulfilling the vision that we are all working together on, that it is required of me to always complete my part.




Staff Testimonials

Bea Kareko 

I found my experience working with All For Mary was a great and amazing experience. Everyone has such great personalities, the team just gelled really well together and it was really fun to work with everyone. My favourite part was the great team vibe that we had and how everyone really gets along with each others. The personal development that we do and the team training is really, really awesome, it’s something that doesn’t happen a lot in other salons so that was always a big bonus as well.

I learnt how to bond with my clients, how to love them instead of just treating them like another person walking in. And I learnt how to love myself more as well which was pretty awesome. 

Hear Bea's thoughts on working at All For Mary

Chantelle Nydal  

What a blessing it has been having All For Mary as part of my journey! All For Mary is a salon that is so positive and encouraging. I have learnt so much and am so thankful for all of the support I received in the time I worked there. Bethany is an amazing coach that has had a massive impact in my life, making me see things in a different way. Not only has All For Mary influenced my life, it has grown me as a person and a hairdresser. I would highly recommend the All For Mary salon to anyone who is passionate about creating confidence in the life of every client that walks through that door! You'll love the environment just like everyone that walks into All For Mary! Thanks Bethany and the team for all the memories that will be treasured forever. 


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Elise Coulson  

Wow, what an experience. It has been a roller coaster! Not a bad, scary roller coaster where you might fall to a sudden and abrupt death, but an enjoyable one with it's massive highs and extreme lows...but I couldn't have asked for a better person to be in that seat with me. Thank you! My time at All For Mary will never be forgotten; it has impacted me drastically! The way I look at myself has forever been changed and imprinted by you Bethany Inez. You are incredible. What you are doing for people is mind boggling amazing. If people have not experienced what you are creating they soon will.

All For Mary is such an amazing place to work and I already miss coming in to my family there on a regular basis. The events we hosted; cupcakes we made; and all the memories that will stay in my heart! I am so fortunate to know all of the family that work together and the impressive family commitment to making this salon a better experience than anywhere else!

Thank you for the effort you put into me and for the incredible things you have taught me that I refuse to let go! I love you and forever will keep your friendship. 

Hear Elise's thoughts on working at All For Mary

Adele Morris

Not entirely sure where to start with this one, as having worked closely with Bethany as she dreamed up and created her brand All For Mary I got to know her fairly well! Beth is an inspirational leader, experienced business owner and fantastic people person who has nothing but love and compassion for staff and clients alike. Although I was employed, it felt more like working WITH Beth. She is entirely focused, driven, creative and instills this in each and every staff member she nourishes and motivates to become all they can be and more. Her vision is extraordinary and the very concept of her salon says a lot about Beth's virtues. An absolute breath of fresh air in today's society and more than a 'boss' Beth has become a friend. I am forever thankful that I met her as I truly believe she has instilled a little of her goodness in me!!

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Courtney Ellis

I have had the privilege of knowing Bethany Inez for the past 7 years; not only as an employer, but as a business owner, a teacher and a friend. Bethany has such a passion to teach people and pass on her knowledge to see others grow from it. She is an amazing manager and supports her staff with care and compassion, a rare trait to find in managers. Bethany has helped to shape me and support me, with my career and personal decisions. She would be an amazing asset to anyone as she will live up to her promises. Bethany goes above and beyond for anyone.


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Karen Stephens said:
I have never needed or wanted to go anywhere else.
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