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At All For Mary, we’re not only redefining the salon experience, we’re redefining confidence.

Going to the salon shouldn’t be an exercise in intimidation. You visit the salon to feel good, to look good, to feel confident! Let’s be honest, you won’t get that feeling from looking at images of unhappy models sporting the latest ‘hair trend’ that can only be balanced out with the over-the-top threads on the catwalk. Yeah, we know, catwalks have whacky clothes and ‘interesting’ hair that no one could possibly imagine trying to pull off walking down the street (it is artistic and all that, but….). For our clients, we know YOU DESERVE MORE!

We’re fed up with what is available out there, so no doubt, as a client you are too. You are an individual and you should be treated as such. You deserve a stylist WORKING WITH you to decide what is best for YOUR personality, for YOUR hair type, for YOUR face shape, and for YOUR colouring. Our aim is to help you find YOU (and YOUR confidence), not an image in a magazine.

On that note, what is confidence? Good question. On our search to define this age old question we have found 2 things: one – the dictionary definitions are pretty lame, and two – the actual definition of confidence is always going to be different for each person.

For some, confidence is getting up in front of a crowd and singing your favourite song into a karaoke microphone. For others, it’s knowing your butt doesn’t look big in those pants, it looks pretty damn good. Confidence is relative, so tell us below how YOU define it.

Our models above aren’t actually models...they are everyday people wearing everyday hair that suits them. Their confidence shines through and they look good because of that internal connection to their individuality. As stylists, we know when YOU walk out the door with that same glow we’ve done our job right.

(The gorgeous images of our Redefining Confidence shoot are thanks to Nicole Barralet Photography. Stunning makeup is courtesy of Kara Lehmann. Thanks ladies for -yet again- being amazing at what you do!)


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