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Maryism #10

Mary LOVES getting a scalp massage! The stress of work deadlines, screaming children and never ending house work fading away...into... o...bliv...i.........did I just fall asleep?! While Mary enjoys the entire salon experience, secretly it's the scalp massage Mary is hanging out for. Mary is NOT so keen on their stylist rushing through their massage like a driver through an orange traffic light (the speed of a snail at full pace would be more desirable). Mary wants to savour every single second of it!! Mary appreciates a stylist whose sole aim is to make THIS massage THE BEST ONE they have ever done.

Conditioning Treatments

Do you live in a whirlwind of work, sleep, eat? Has your hair become a fluffy burden of uncontrollable entanglement? Give your hair the TLC it’s been crying out for via one of our gorgeous conditioning treatments.

Conditioning Massage Treatment

Treat your hair and yourself to a serene 10 minute scalp and neck massage with a gorgeous treatment to strengthen and soften your tousled mane. Enjoy the peaceful time out in our massaging basin chairs while your hair soaks up the rich goodness.

Conditioning Massage Treatment Service Price Service Time

Conditioning Massage Treatment

$25 15 minutes


Hair Detox

Been using products on your hair recently that are less than nourishing? Don’t sweat the mistreat, we can get your hair back on track! We’ll start by doing a deep cleanse on your hair to remove any build up bullying your strands, followed by a nourishing treatment and glorious 10 minute scalp and neck massage so you get as much TLC as your hair.

Hair Detox Service Price Service Time

Hair Detox

$45 30 minutes



It got too much. The emotions overwhelm as you fall down on your knees, shaking your fists in the air and screaming fervently for the world to hear… ‘Why is my life so? Why can’t I be blonde AND have healthy, luscious hair at the same time?! Who can release me from this vicious cycle of joy and disappointment?!?!?’ Well, the heaven’s heard and a godsend was sent to answer your desperate cry! OLAPLEX! The saviour of hair damage!

This revolutionary product prevents breakage, builds and strengthens your hair while making it silky and shiny….even while bleaching the begeebers out of it. Your dream hair is now within reach!

The 3 Steps to Olaplex
Step 1. Olaplex is added into your colour mixture so that this bond buliding product is taken into the centre of your hair with the colour while it is getting in there to do it's job. While the bleach is working away at dealing with the colour molecules in your hair, the Olaplex is in there protecting and strenthening your strands by putting back together the bonds AND even building up more. Yep, RIGHT IN THE CENTRE OF YOUR HAIR! (hence why no mask treatment - that comes in after the damange is done - can get the results Olaplex does...it's literally protecting your strands as the potential damage is at work!) 

Step 2. After your colour is removed a second dose of Olaplex goodness is applied at the basin making sure that all of your strands (aka the ones that weren't coloured this time around) get treated. While the Olaplex Step 2 continues to work on your hair, we work on putting you to sleep with a 10 minute scalp and neck massage. (You'll love it, we've definitely earnt the rep or #brisbanesbestscalpmassage)

Step 3. There is then one final step, a take home treatment that you can then continue using to keep your hair in optimum condition. We suggest you continue to drench your locks with this Olaplex goodness once per week so that the benefits of healthy, smooth and strong hair continue long past your salon experience.

Stand up and dust off your knees, your hair problems have been solved with Olaplex!

Olaplex Treatment Services Price Service Time

Olaplex Treatment (with colour service) including 10 minute scalp and neck massage

$35 15 minutes
Olaplex Divine Treatment (soak up the goodness of Step 1 and Step 2 without having a colour done) including 10 minute scalp and neck massage, plus a dry off  $60 30 minutes

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 (take home product)


Olaplex Upgrade (available with colour service treatments) Step 1 and Step 2 in salon, as well as take home Step 3

$80 15 minutes


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