Childrens Haircuts

Children, especially the teenagers, have styling needs and desires just like adults. We don't view them as the quick snip in between the real styling at All For Mary™, we rather view them with the same styling respect as any Mary or Marty walking through our doors. Your child will not be used as an experimental training tool for our Minions, nor will they be slipped in as 15 minute gap fillers.

Please note, while we are completely excited to meet your gorgeous munchkin and take care of their hair needs, we also are a salon who focus heavily on creating a salon experience that is a relaxing haven of excape for our Mary's. As a way of maintaining this vibe the number of children who make it into our seats is very limited, as is the times they can come in at. We firstly ONLY look after children who one of their parents is an existing Mary or Marty (one parent must have visted the salon in the last 3 months). The times these haircuts are available is Tuesday - Thursday between 9am-5.30pm ONLY. Teenagers are welcome outside of these hours however the price will then revert to an adults rate. 

Childrens Haircut Services Minion Price Graduate Price Service Time

Primary Haircut (Primary School aged and under) 

  $45 30 minutes

High School Boy Haircut

  $55 30 minutes

High School Girl Haircut (includes hair straightening) 

$75 $85 45 minutes


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