Charity Affiliate

Are you fundraising for a charity? All For Mary are providing you with an opportunity to raise funds for your good cause, without asking your supporters to spend an additional dollar. Simply by changing their spending habits to purchasing their hair products online, these everyday necessary items can now be creating revenue for the charity they are most passionate about.

As they receive the benefits from using our quality products, they can repurchase through the same website providing your charity with a continual fundraiser!

To first understand how an Affiliate Program works jump onto this page and have a read. Once you are familiar with the concept have a look at these ideas we have specially for supporting charities.


Create a link on your website

To take full advantage you want to advertise this campaign to every person who comes across your website. Set up a permanent link to the All For Mary Shop advertising that purchasing through there raises funds for your charity.


Email your database

Contact your database via email pumping them up about this campaign and how it can help your cause. Post the link to the website with your tracking code into the email and suggest they save it as a favourite (that way they will always enter the website through YOUR link rather than going directly to the All For Mary website - which would mean their purchase would miss your affiliate)


Keep it in their mind

Post regularly to social media to remind your supporters to utilise this avenue. Continually thank them for the funds raised and give them a running total where relevant.


Product of the week

We regularly post on our facebook page our product of the week choice. You are welcome to write about it yourself or use our wording to re post the product onto your own facebook page with your affiliate tracking code. You aren’t limited to only sharing these posts but it does cut down your research time as well as directing the products to the people who will most benefit from them.


Ask your followers to share to their friends.

There are only 6 degree’s of separation after all. If everyone that supports you tells a few people they know, how quickly can you have a whole army of people purchasing for your cause!


Ready to get started?

Simply visit the Affiliate Program page to sign up. If you can then email with your logo, a blurb about your charity and the link to your website we advertise you to our clients too! Not only that, but we will also increase the standard 5% affiliate offer to our charity offer 10%. If you have any further questions or ideas be sure to email these through to Bethany also.


Looking forward to partnering with you to bring world change!

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