Celebrity Next Door Project


Our vision is to see a society that understands and values the worth of each unique individual. A society who embraces and celebrates the perfectly imperfect.


We are on a mission to challenge the current marketing driven culture of our society, by showing them how to celebrate the lives of those living around them. One picture at a time we are presenting to the world the precious worth of the life next door. Each person is unique, each person has a story. Each person was created perfectly imperfect, and by celebrating that we celebrate LIFE.



The Celebrity Next Door Project BEGINS!

Were you there when it started? Did you notice the subtle shift? It would've been slight at first...a tiny step they referred to as being modern, current or progressive. Those that craved the easy answer jumped on board straight away. Those that argued against it's moreal values were told they were being old fashioned; times had changed and they should get with the program.

Little by little the change grew. It developed. It inspired a following. It took over mindsets until it become part of our everyday life; a filter through which we view others, through which we even view ourselves.

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She walked into the salon as a blonde, yet floated out as a red head. Had Kellie been planning on a change that day? I don't think so, but I'm so glad she listened to me.

Sometimes the thought will hit you within the first few minutes; sometimes before you've even started talkingto them.

This colour isn't her at all, why is she getting it done?

You start the consultation process but there's really two conversations going on; the one that you are having with her, and the one that is going on in your head.

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It must be 10 years now. Each time Joanne's been consistent. She walks into the salon with this gorgeous peace about her; a calmness that is such a joy to be around. There's always a smile, she's always happy to see us.  She quietly takes a seat and patiently waits for us.

Ahhh, there's my Joanne. The one that lets me be an artist. The one who's confident nature puts me at ease.

When we first met, it didn't take long to get to the core of what Joanne is after from her salon experiences; variety; excitement; bold, funky hair. If it wasn't on the first appointment it would only have been a few visits in that we were literally mixing up pots of colours without Joanne knowing what was in them. Cutting in shapes that we'd never discussed. Completing each consultation with one simple question, ‘Do I have any restrictions today or am I good to go?'

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Anne-Maree looked me straight in the eye as she confirmed her next booking would now be with me. Her huge smile expanded when I assured her this would be the case. As the salon door closed behind her, I turned to see the stunned look on the receptionist's face. “All the other staff struggle with her; she loved you! How did you do that?!”

I replied with a shrug and a smile: “Maybe I'm the first person who didn't try to change her.”

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Complete honesty. There's no point in writing these articles if I am not always completely honest about the thoughts that race through my mind. We're doing these client features to explore people...to explore confidence. We cannot explore what we do not analyse, so right or wrong of me to have the thoughts that I did, we need to explore their presence.

The experience of meeting Gliere was an eye opener. A refreshing and exciting one. When I turned to see my next client, I honestly groaned a bit inside. Yep, I did. As much as we hate to admit it...

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Cathy is a rare find in our industry. She's a wife, a mother, a business owner and runs a household…all of which she juggles with a beautiful smile on her face. Why do I find her such an interesting rarity that I would ask her to be our November Celebrity Next Door? Well, because somehow in the middle of all the roles that she plays, she still finds the time to cover one more role…to be ‘Cathy'.

We live in a time where life is busy…really busy.  It seems that the demands of the world are only increasing each year. It's so easy to become distracted with everything that is going on that it's becoming more and more common to focus on the moment in front of us, rather than the journey we are living.

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Michael and Philip

‘What are you thinking this time? A fade? Tracks? Colour?' Sometimes it's just fun to suggest these new and different things so you can see the thought process tick across your clients face for just a moment. He didn't fail me that day as the smile spread wider. ‘No, just a tidy up. The ‘preppy' look works for me'.

Michael and Philip have been getting the same haircut with me for over a year now. Each visit I learn a little bit more about them, and continue to understand in a greater way why the look created represents them so well. Is it cutting edge fashion? No. Is it going to win me an award some day? Definitely not. Is it turning heads in the street for being so unique? Doubt it. What it does broadcast to the world around these men however is their character...shouldn't that be my goal?

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How long does someone get to impress? A few seconds? Minutes? Is it a verbal thing? Or can they be written off on a physical sense...not making the grade without a word even being spoken?

10 years ago I was given a chance by Annette that most people wouldn't be handing out. I was a 19 year old girl who was feeling incredibly exhausted and brain dead the day Annette was sat in my salon chair. The idea of asking another person 'what are you getting up to this weekend' sent chills of boredom down my spine. So instead, the creative inspiration that spilled from my lips was 'If you could be killed with any weapon what would you choose and why?'

She didn't get up. This should've been my first character clue.

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'To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.' E.E. Cummings.

I love the wisdom of that quote. The picture that it paints is so accurate...it IS a fight. I often wonder how many people are consciously aware of that? I wonder how many are fighting? I wonder, how many are actually prepared for the fight?

Lizzie's salon visits are really interesting to me. Somehow at every appointment she manages to show me another side of her that I didn't see before. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, Lizzie has a depth that isn't always visible to those around her. It's funny how long it takes to realise that what is blocking the view is within our own eyes, not within her.

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You can tell a lot about a person by the way they describe the people in their lives. Some start with describing them physically while for others a physical feature isn't even mentioned. Some talk about the experience of being around them, how the person makes them feel when hanging with them, while others have never even pondered that question. I always find myself captivated by how Sarah describes the people closest to her...she's not alone in the way she does it, but she is unique as to the depth from which her perspective is coming.

For Sarah, her description centres around their character, from who they ARE as a person. How they make her feel isn't mentioned. Why? Well because it's irrelevant. Her feelings aren't accountable to the people surrounding her, they are accountable to her; to her choices. Sarah knows that. She knows better than relying on others for her happiness, expecting them to create it for her. I've known this beautiful, wise lady for almost ten years now yet wouldn't 

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It happens every time Kimberley enters the salon. Other clients and my team mates all do it. They stop, become distracted by her, they listen in. You can see why they can’t help themselves; Kimberley is pretty damn entertaining. There hasn’t been so much as a fringe trim appointment where she hasn’t had me and anyone within earshot in stitches of laughter. Being comical is who she is. Are the onlookers drawn to more than that though? I wonder if they listen in for the jokes or because they can sense what’s special about her too?

Can they sense that she has something that we all want to obtain?

Kimberley is the kind of girl that


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Who will be our next Celebrity Next Door...?




Melanie said:
I'm very appreciative of Bethany taking the time to teach me how to care for my hair
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