The Journey of Beautiful

She sat down in the chair and already you could see that the mirror looming in front of her was having an effect. I walked over, seated myself at her eye level and greeted her warmly. Apart from introducing myself, it was obvious the consultation was going to be in her hands. A hurried jumble of words spilled from her lips “...I really don’t like the hair style that I have now but I’m not sure what I want to have done. If you give me a magazine I’ll find something.” My response was to ask one simple question: “Why, are you in it?”

I love the hair and beauty industry. I’ve been working in it...

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Real Reflection

When you are surrounded by mirrors daily it’s easy to become complacent that they are there. Every so often though you notice it. That client that sits down and glances into the mirror ever so nervously. You can see the smile fade from their face as ‘uncomfortable’ well and truly sets in. I never understand why. To me they are all perfectly imperfect. Why can’t they see that?

Is it the very industry that I’ve devoted my life too that causes this pain?

They look in the mirror and don’t see the model from the latest magazine cover staring back at them. Their hair doesn’t look anywhere near as luscious...

Gorgeous Hair at the tip of your fingers!

Using the RIGHT products and tools the RIGHT WAY is critical to achieving the hair that you actually want. You know, the hair that sits with body; isn’t fluffy, dry or oily; has even, vibrant colour and a scalp that isn’t flaking? Unfortunately though, 7 out of 10 people are getting this part of their hair maintenance wrong, and have no idea why.

We can understand why you do it. The supermarket shampoo is right there in the aisle and you are already purchasing your other body products, it’s just convenient to grab that too. The price of salon products are hard to justify when this...

Purchasing Confidence

What is it that makes you pick up the phone to book in for your next hair service? Is it a guarantee that the guy you’ve been making eyes with at your local coffee shop will actually stop and think that girl always maintains her regrowth on time, I’m going to ask her out? Is there some sort of promise that your boss is going to look at your nonexistent split ends and decide that finally yes, YOU are the one he’s been meaning to promote all along? Feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I’m going to say no to all of the above.

Well, what is it that compels a person to go to the salon? I...

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Be Hair Prepared!

Finally booked that photo shoot you’ve been dreaming about for years? Excitedly picturing the gorgeous images that will soon be gracing the walls of your home?  Maybe it’s preparing for the most special day of your life - your wedding day! A day where all eyes are on you (and every camera too!) Either way, whatever the occasion, the images that will be created are permanent and a moment in your life that you want to be able to look at fondly.  Therefore, getting every aspect of them right is essential...that includes your hair!

Hair plays a huge part of our image and in our confidence! It expresses our...

The Journey Begins

It all started with that one little thought. That tiny voice inside your head that wouldn’t go away. If this were my salon I wouldn’t do it like that. The thought lingered, expanded and eventually took over your head space. The next thing you knew you had started to see a whole bunch of things you wouldn’t do (and experiencing a whole bunch of frustrations with each new realization too!).

But what WOULD you do? Ahhhh that’s where the frustration turned into FUN! Slow at first, a vision started to form in your mind. The vision become clearer with each thought that crept in, thoughts that then flooded into a...

It's time for a change!

I’ve lost count how many apprentices I’ve interviewed. For over a decade now though I’ve known the answer to the main question asked before the words even slip out of their mouth.

What makes you want to be a hairdresser?... ‘I like to make people feel good about themselves.’

Such a simple sentence but with such a deep feeling behind it. It always makes me smile. Another person created to see the beauty in others. Another soul who’s simple life desire is to make others feel confident; to make others smile. Another apprentice that has no idea what they are getting themselves into.


Redefining the Salon Experience - starts now!

There’s really no way of getting around it...finding a hairdresser is stressful.

Sure, there are so many awesome aspects of the salon experience to look forward to - those massage chairs that immediately put me at ease, the relief of removing that dark line that appeared out of nowhere down my part, or even just the simple distraction of time out of my busy schedule where I can just sit down and relax - but let’s be honest, all of those thoughts are initially shadowed by the looming pressure of having to open up to a complete stranger.

I’ve never met you before, you know nothing...

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