Why create the Raving Mary Tribe?

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Why create the Raving Mary Tribe?

You don’t have to travel anywhere to see it, just look around where you are now. There’s a gap. Where there should be confidence there is insecurity. Where there should be an understanding of one’s own value there are questions of worth. Where there should be a sparkle and a passion towards life, there is a body that is only going through the motions, feeling that simply surviving this life is enough.

Perhaps you don’t need to look into the eyes of those around you to notice it, perhaps you only need to stand in front of the mirror.

We’ve had enough, have you? We know that we were created for a life that is far greater than the one that’s currently being lived! We, you, the people around you, all deserve MORE.
As a hairdressing salon we exist to ‘sell’ confidence to our clients. Problem being though that there is no such thing as an instant fix, there is only an instant mask. Taking part in ‘THE MASK’ is no longer good enough for us. We want to provide you, and the rest of society, with something far more valuable. Rather than stop at a hairdressing service, we are now taking it to a whole new level.

The truth is that confidence isn’t a purchase, it’s a journey! One that simply requires you to take the steps. To start. No matter how imperfect the first step looks, the point is to just take it.

Confidence in it’s truest, rawest most natural form is worth taking the steps for! On our own it can seem scary, even too daunting to know what to do first that it’s easier to do nothing at all.

Within a TRIBE though there is knowledge, nurturing, support and the benefit of learning from the paths that others have walked before you. There are Tribe members standing with you saying we ALL want more from this life and we won’t allow ourselves OR YOU to settle for anything less.

That’s why we have started this group. To tackle confidence...together! To help shine the light in front of you so you can always see where to step next.

Are you ready to begin?

Are you ready to become a RAVING MARY?

Becoming a Raving Mary is making the declaration that you want more from this life! More for yourself, your sister, your friends, more for your daughter, even more for the stranger you walk past on the street. It means that just like us you have had enough and are ready to begin your journey.

It also means that you appreciate that it’s not up to you to create this world change on your own, but to live out your piece of the puzzle by doing what you can within your circle.

How do you do that?

Read. Share. Live. Love. 

Can you commit to these 4 words?

READ – every post we put into this group is filled with knowledge for you and the steps for you to take! Prioritize reading them. Prioritize YOU.

LIVE – decide to live out the wisdom in your life. Decide to emotionally work through each insecurity that comes up for you making progress on your confidence journey rather than pushing things down (that FYI only surface again later).

SHARE – don’t keep it to yourself! If you desire to get to a day where there is true confidence in the eyes around you, know it requires them being a part of this too. Share each blog (on facebook, twitter or even emailing) helping us get this knowledge out into the world.

LOVE – As you are growing love the person beside you enough to bring them on the journey with you. Invite those around you to become tribe members by talking about it and adding them to this group.

True beauty comes from within. It's the powerful glow from your heart becoming so strong it beams from your eyes for the world to see.

Welcome to the journey that will create that beam for you.

Thank you for humbling yourself enough to acknowledge there is a problem that needs to be tackled. Thank you for desiring the change enough that you have become a Raving Mary Tribe Member! Thank you for joining this voice to create confidence in yourself, and in society.


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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