Uniting with Indonesia

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Uniting with Indonesia


In April of 2017 a team of hairdressers from Heart of Mary™ will be flying to Indonesia to change the future for a group of children living in poverty in Bogor. This team donating their time and skills is only one piece of the puzzle. They need your help to make this dream a reality.


Will you join us?


In 2015 Heart of Mary Director, Bethany Inez had the chance to visit Bukit Gloria school in Bogor, Indonesia (a 3 hour drive from Jakarta). Through being connected to a group who first funded the opening of Bukit Gloria school, Bethany had the opportunity to visit this school and bring a lil love from down under to the children by spoiling them with haircuts that were purchased by the community at the All For Mary™ salon.


After living for a week in the village of Bogor, spending time at the school and visiting homes, witnessing the lifestyle these children are living, Bethany became inspired to help in any way she and Heart of Mary™ could. An education is generally the only get out of poverty chance these children have and this opportunity comes at a cost for an Australian of only $300 per year.


While in Indonesia Bethany also had the chance to care for a group of Australian and American Expats living in Jakarta who, while they are not financially struggling, due to communication issues and texture differences are struggling with their hair and affecting their confidence. While this may seem like a minor issue in contrast to the children, it is non the less an issue, and one that both can and should be solved.


The idea was then created...why not solve one problem by solving another?


The next thing a team of hairdressers was put together, all keen to donate their time, 2 weeks out of their lives and use their skills to help others. This team will fly to Jakarta where they will spend their first week doing haircuts and colours for the Expat community to give them a boost of confidence - the only way a hairdresser can.


The money collected from the Expats paying for their services will then enable as many children as possible to begin their grade 1 education in July of 2017. A brand new start being provided with every $300 that is raised.


When the week is over and we know how many children will be able to begin grade 1, we will then be seeking to complete the funding for their entire 12 years of education. Either through further fundraising with Heart of Mary™ or by members of the community taking on the educations themselves from grade 2 onwards. Whatever children are able to start school from this trip Heart of Mary™ will see through to the end of their schooling.


Could you, your family or a group of your work colleagues get together to spare $300 a year to provide a future for a child and their family?


Can you help us make this trip a reality?


Heart of Mary™ is seeking financial donations to get this team to Jakarta, covering their flights and accommodation for the week. You can donate at participating salons All For Mary and Verona Hair, or you can transfer into the Heart of Mary™ account BSB 484-799 Ac No. 071 027 913.


Get creative! If you want to take part but can’t financially, what else could you do? Are you handy at baking that you could then sell around the office? Do you have a large social group that you could spread the word with? What about raffling off an item in your own salon to support hairdressers making a difference? Just as the team is making a difference by putting their natural skills to work there will be something you can do using yours. The options are endless and limited only by your imagination.


The team will also be visiting Bukit Gloria school where they will again be cutting hair of the children at the school. You can purchase a haircut for a child for $20 via donating at our participating salons or transferring the $20 into our account above with the reference 'KidsSnip'. As many haircuts are purchased is as many the team will look after at the school.


We will also be taking school supplies with us to donate to the school as they are always in need of more items for use in the classroom. If you would like to take part in helping in this area you can drop items (think paper - especially coloured paper as this is hard for them to come by - pencils, art supplies, stickers etc) into our participating salons or deposit funds into our account to purchase these while we are over there with the reference 'Supplies'. As luggage space is limited keep watch of our Facebook page to see when our bags are full of items and only financial donations can be taken.


Still want more ways to help?


Join us in spreading the word! Share this blog, follow us on social media and help us connect people up to this uniting opportunity. Join the team while they are in Indonesia by encouraging them on social media. It will be a huge week for them and your support will continue to spur them on.




World change isn't about what one person does on their own. It's about humanity uniting using the unique way they were individually created to add their piece to the puzzle, with everyone joining together to make the change. Thank you for finding a way to join us today that is individual to who you are.

Heart of Mary Xx


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