The Celebrity Next Door Project BEGINS!

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The Celebrity Next Door Project BEGINS!

Were you there when it started? Did you notice the subtle shift? It would've been slight at first...a tiny step they referred to as being modern, current or progressive. Those that craved the easy answer jumped on board straight away. Those that argued against its moral values were told they were being old fashioned; times had changed and they should get with the program.

Little by little the change grew. It developed. It inspired a following. It took over mindsets until it became part of our everyday life; a filter through which we view others, through which we even view ourselves.

Today we stand in the middle of it. A society driven by marketing and 'sex sells'. A society that creates their own standard for everyone to live up to - clearly creating a line between who makes the grade and who doesn't. We're too busy questioning whether we live up to the standard to even notice that the standard isn't natural; that it isn't even important.

At the core of every person is a deep desire to be confident, to be accepted. When you utilize a person’s emotion to make a sale, you can really create a nice pay cheque for yourself. How do you increase those sales though? How do you entice them to spend more?

You play on their insecurities.

You tell them they’re not enough. You tell them they need to be thinner, taller, have better clothes, to put more make-up on, their hair needs to be thicker. You pull at every string and sensitivity to create the idea that their worth is dependent on their image. You put celebrities and models in front of them – people whose lives have become obsessed with living out this standard. The images express happiness; express confidence. The marketing screams that if you follow their lead you will be just as happy in your own life...but is that really the case?

I’m not sure what you see when you look around, but 15 years of hairdressing with a minimum of 30 clients per week has been one hell of a case study, showing me just how much people struggle with their confidence...regardless of which pair of shoes they are wearing.

The thing is, when we focus on working on our image we take the attention off working on our character.

True confidence comes from knowing who you actually are and then displaying that on the outside. Are there times where a person isn’t 100% in love with who they are? Sure. The answer however is to focus on developing your character and learning to love yourself for how you were created. It’s not something that can be solved by a shopping trip.

We are on a mission to remind society how to love themselves and those around them... just as they are. By honouring each individual personality, we remind everyone of the value of each other and of ourselves.

Each month we are choosing a client from All For Mary. ANY client. Not models, not a certain age, not a certain size. Simply people who have navigated their own way through the clutter and still remain true to themselves. We will then create a shoot around expressing their personality.

The hair won't be 'made over' before the shoot, we are simply capturing what it is All For Mary already does - using our artistic eye and skills to help you express your personality through your hair. Hair has the amazing ability to express your personality, visible for everyone to see. In every shoot we do, we will be showing you just how we’ve navigated our own way through the trends; showing how we have bonded with our clients and got to know WHO they actually are. Proving that we are devoted to creating a salon experience, that actually does encourage REAL confidence into the lives of each one of our clients.

Nicole (from Nicole Barralet Photography) will then step in to do what every talented photographer should do... tell the person's story. She'll capture their personality. She'll show their emotions. She will draw out parts of their personality they may have hidden away. She will show who they really are.

Then we’ll display the images for the world to see.

What are we ‘selling’ to you in the images? Confidence; in it’s truest, raw form. One picture at a time we are presenting to the world the precious worth of the life next door. Each person is unique, each person has a story. Each person was created perfectly imperfect; by celebrating that we celebrate LIFE.

We hope that by watching the Celebrity Next Door Project, we inspire you on a journey to be YOU.


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


The Celebrity Next Door Project Shoots:






Michael and Philip






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