Keeping hair healthy this Summer!

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Keeping hair healthy this Summer!


We’re seeing lots of it happening already!! Summer has arrived which has us all diving into a swimming pool or visiting the beach whenever an opportunity arises. Such a great way to cool down and relax! Such a great way to also cause damage to our hair (insert sad face here).


Don’t sweat it, there is a way to reduce the damage to your hair...four in fact!


1. Think of your hair like a sponge. Before jumping into your chosen liquid coolness pop your hair under the water from your tap. The more 'good' water it’s already soaked up the less of the not so awesome water it will absorb.


2. Put a layer of protection around your strands by applying a leave in conditioner (or if there is a conditioner you once purchased you weren’t the biggest fan of this would be a great opportunity to use it up!). We love the Miracle Treatment from Eleven Australia as a leave in. Not only is this baby going to moisturise your hair, the smell makes you feel as though your holiday has begun! ‪#‎donteatit‬


3. Once you have finished your swimming activity rinse the water out... for both chlorine and beach water this is a necessary step. Ideally shampoo and condition it out (followed by another layer of your Miracle Treatment) but at the very least rinse it under tap water.


4. Master the routine of your weekly treatments! Our hair cops a lot in summer beyond the water varieties (harsher sun, air conditioner blasting etc..) The optimum plan is to do a weekly moisturizing treatment in your hair. Before you pull that face, know that they don’t ALL have to have you standing around your bathroom dripping wet waiting for your treatment to do it’s magic. Eleven Australia have conquered this one again with their 3 Minute Repair Treatment. Just enough time to shave your legs or belt out the rest of that song before getting dry.


Enjoy healthy summer hair!


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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