Join us in being ORIGINAL!

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Join us in being ORIGINAL!


When we began All For Mary™ we set out to create a salon experience that was intentionally different to the rest of the hair and beauty industry. We saw cracks and cultural issues with the way our industry currently functions. Issues that hurt people and issues that don't really achieve the goals the industry claims to achieve. The current culture couldn't be ignored and our hearts couldn't join them because of that we decided to create a new one. 


A lot has been put in place in hundreds of different ways to help us move towards achieving our goal. Overall we're really proud of how far our brand has come, how many steps we've already taken and especially of how much we've learnt along our journey. 


Today though, we're ready to step it up a rather large notch. Maybe it’s the momentum that's built up now we've reached toddlerhood, or perhaps it's just that our passion can't sit quiet any longer. Whatever the source or the timing for it is, we're now ready to make a statement that needs to be shared with you. 


There's more to the heart of this brand than what we've shared with you so far. There's even more in our service we have yet to develop to be sure we're hitting the goals at each and every salon experience. To get there, we need YOU to understand AND be a part of this journey with us.


At the centre of our passion is this belief that YOU are precious. That each one of you is unique, and crafted just as you are, on purpose. By knowing this, we believe that creating comparisons for you to be intimidated by, or pressuring you into a trend because everyone else is doing it, just doesn't hit the mark. We're here to ENCOURAGE TRUE CONFIDENCE in your lives and that doesn't happen when you are focused on how others look or act. True confidence comes from knowing yourself, accepting yourself and connecting up all levels of you...from your spirit to your mind, then your body. 


Our brand has tiptoed around how we do this since we opened 3 years ago. We've removed magazines and photo shopped images. We've had series after series of interactive and positive thought provoking walls (thank you for participating!!). We've created layer upon layer of cultural training and processes for our team to live by to hit the mark. We've created a consultation process that kind of does what we want but the reality is we haven't clearly communicated this goal with each of you. Why? Partially due to the time it has taken to work out how to do this, and then the reality is we've been a little intimidated. Having the courage to stand out from the crowd making such a bold goal like this takes growth and it seems we needed to reach our toddlerhood to be ready for it. 


So here it is. From here on in we aren't shying away from the All For Mary™ message. YOU are accepted at All For Mary™, just as you are. We aren't here to tell you what haircut, style or colour you should have because of some current trend or pressure to look a certain way that our culture has created...we're here to work WITH YOU on expressing YOU....directing you to styles or trends only when they are right for YOU personally. We're here to know you, to care for you and ultimately, to create for you a look that expresses your individual personality for all to see. We're here to do this journey called life with you. We're here as artists, to work with you to create true confidence by aligning your physical world with the spirit that is naturally within you whispering who you are. 


Why should we care to this level? Because it's our honour to do so: and because you deserve that from us.

You are a masterpiece that we can't wait to create. 


In celebrating our passion to dig deeper into this message of value to the World we are replacing our previous Raving Mary term with something far more fitting of our goal. As a fan of the All For Mary™ salon experience, or a believer in the same cultural change we are fighting for in this industry, you can join us in our message to the World with this one bold statement...I am an Original Mary. Perfect, beautiful, handsome, worthy and loved, just as you are. 


We may be one salon now but with the vision and plans we have for the future we know it won't stay like this for long. We're here to make an industry stop, pay attention and be challenged on the current culture they are living and mindlessly accepting. We're here to create a voice that can shout back that humanity deserves more.


Will you join us? 


As a mark of believing that you are worthy, that you should be free to be uniquely you, and that you also know this industry can do better, we are asking you to join with us and change your profile pic on social media. Grab our light box at your next All For Mary™ salon experience and one of our team will help you snap your statement. When people ask what it means please direct them to this blog. They don't need to be an All For Mary™ Mary to have this seed of value planted within them. We are all on this journey towards confidence together.


Stay tuned for more of our heart unravelling, this statement is only the beginning.


Can't make it into the salon but still want to join? Grab this image for your profile pic statement orrr get creative and make something up!! Whatever you end up doing tag us in on your pic, we'd love to see what you come up with



Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


Last update: Jul 18, 2016


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