Heart of Mary supporting South East Asia

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Heart of Mary™ supporting South East Asia

In October 2015 Heart of Mary™ will be making our first overseas impact by visiting a community in South East Asia! All For Mary’s Director Bethany Inez will be heading over to Bogor to undertake a number of activities aimed to show value to a group of children less privileged than we are in Australia.

One portion of Bethany’s week will be spent at the Bukit Gloria School, a vocational school that is providing children with an education that will set them up with life skills as well as giving them opportunities to develop the skills needed for a job in the future. The school is in an area that is affected by poverty where it's unlikely the children will get the opportunity to attend University and in a lot of cases, cannot afford to attend or complete elementary and high school. This education is their only opportunity to develop life and work skills to provide for their future.

Currently Bukit Gloria School is educating 155 children. To do so well, one of their greatest needs is school supplies. Their current funding doesn’t allow them for more creative ‘luxury’ items like coloured paper, stickers (which they go crazy for!) and more entertaining interactive items to educate the children with. Not sure if it’s just the creative artist in us but we want to be able to help them activate the artistic side in each of their students by helping to add vibrancy and colour to their school day!

Due to internal issues, supporting the school with finances is not an ideal option. However, providing us with finances where we can purchase school items whilst over there to give to the school is a great way of making sure the children actually receive your support. We will be making time during the week to shop for the school so as much funding we have to play with the more that can be supplied to them.

Bethany will be showering value on these children with fresh haircuts as well as teaching them skills on how to care for their hair, ways to style it themselves and tips for personal presentation when it comes to approaching a professional environment. During this she will also be spreading the All For Mary™ message, that beauty comes from within and that our appearance is simply a means to express the person we are on the inside. While we love our industry and know that our image plays a huge part in our confidence we also know that confidence is short lived if it is relying only on our image. Bethany will be working with the children on discovering the journey of internal confidence and how to reflect that with their image.

Perhaps it sounds shallow to be giving disadvantaged people haircuts? Maybe you feel that they would benefit more from education or water or vaccinations? You are right, of course. But an enjoyable life includes variety, something different, recognition that we are appreciated and valued. Remember how amazing you feel getting away from chores and work, and then emerging from the salon with a new confidence ready to take on the world? We want the people in Bogor to have that same feeling. And Bethany is not qualified to give vaccinations or build a well, so we are simply using the skills that we have ourselves to do what we can do to make the world a better place!

Our goal overall is to raise $1500 to make this trip possible, as well as additional finance to spend on items while over there. Dropping in the school supplies, (books, pens, pencils, rubbers) clothes etc to the salon is also a great help.  If you are not able to make it into All For Mary™ personally, feel free to post the items to All For Mary – The Village, 419 Fairfield Road, Yeronga QLD, 4104.

Details to donate to this Heart of Mary™ project can be found at allformary.com/heart-of-mary. If you specifically want your finances to go towards this project only, please put ‘Bogor’ as the reference. Donations can also be made in person at your next All For Mary™ salon experience.

Take a look through our Heart of Mary™ webpage allformary.com/heart-of-mary for more ideas on how you can use your unique ‘love language’ to be a part of this project and remember to help us spread the word! Sharing this blog on your Facebook page or emailing to your contact list would be a huge help.

Thank you so much for your support to this community! We really appreciate you jumping on board the Heart of Mary™, enabling us to support society together as a salon community. Be watching our Facebook page for updates as we work towards bringing this project to life. Bethany will be keeping us all updated during the week she is over there so be watching to see the effect your contributions are making to the lives of others.  


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