Be Hair Prepared!

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Be Hair Prepared!

Finally booked that photo shoot you’ve been dreaming about for years? Excitedly picturing the gorgeous images that will soon be gracing the walls of your home?  Maybe it’s preparing for the most special day of your life - your wedding day! A day where all eyes are on you (and every camera too!) Either way, whatever the occasion, the images that will be created are permanent and a moment in your life that you want to be able to look at fondly.  Therefore, getting every aspect of them right is essential...that includes your hair!

Hair plays a huge part of our image and in our confidence! It expresses our personality, frames our features, brings out the best colour in our skin tone and makes our eyes pop out (when it’s done right). With everything else going on around arranging a shoot or your special day though, you would be surprised how many times the trip to the salon gets forgotten. You are about to create images that are going to grace your walls for the next decade or two, now is not the time to turn up with dry, dull, limp, lifeless hair with regrowth, colour bands or split ends that are going to jump out of the image onto your regrets list.

Avoid any dramas by following these hints and tricks so that you can be hair prepared.  


  • Book an appointment to have your hair cut a week prior to your shoot. Even if you aren’t after a style change, the way the light bounces off split ends means they will show up in the image so a fresh trim is necessary. A week out also gives your cut time to settle in and lose that obvious ‘just done’ look.
  • Regrowth's, colour bands and dull hair will become incredibly obvious in your images so if you are a colour client make sure you also book your colour a week prior to the shoot. This timing also allows for any colour marks that may show up on your skin or scalp to disappear.
  • If you don’t colour your hair currently, consider having a pure gloss semi put over your hair for this occasion. It will add shine to your hair that will show up gorgeously under the photographers lights. Being a semi and clear it is a service that won’t leave any permanent colour marks in your hair or need to be redone.


  • If you aren’t  a pro hair styler, getting your hair done for the occasion is essential. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant if that isn’t your style, but having your hair professionally styled will give your images that bit more of a ‘fabulous’ feel  (aka the ‘damn I look good’ buzz every time you see them)


  • If you are having you hair blow dried at a location that is not at a salon, arrive with it freshly washed; still wet if possible; no product in and parted where you would like your part to sit. If it is in salon they will of course wash it for you so simply rock up to your appointment.
  • If you are having your hair curled or put into an upstyle - wash it the night before; put no product in; part it where you want the part to sit and either let it dry naturally or blowdry as you normally would (though still minus the products!). DO NOT straighten your hair with irons. ALWAYS turn up with it dry.
  • If you have curly / frizzy hair that is going to be in a straight style, discuss with your stylist if they need you to straighten your hair the night before or if they will be doing it on the day. This will significantly cut down time on the day if it can be done prior.

Now all you need to do is sit back, relax and concentrate on simply being fabulous! Xx

Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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