A Beautiful Resolve

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A Beautiful Resolve


Have you stepped into a garden? Gazed in awe of the beauty of the scene in front of you? Stop and imagine it for a second. The fresh air is brushing against your cheeks ever so gently. The divine smell of the flowers hitting your nostrils with a purely intoxicating fragrance that is better than any perfume you’ve ever smelt. The sun is gently resting on your skin while the sense of peace is overwhelming your very soul.


There is a fresh, calm vibe in the air. It’s breathtaking. The gorgeousness that is nature captivates you! The view is so stunning it’s actually difficult to put into words. These bright, beautiful creations standing before you seem to be smiling right in your direction. Perhaps they are, living peacefully in their wonderland, they have every reason to want too. It’s in that moment, standing there in admiration of this natural scene, that you feel a serene happiness and love for life.


Creation. Just as it was meant to be.


All of a sudden your friend standing beside you makes a move to the first bunch of flowers. She grabs at the ones closest to her with one hand while she pulls out a pair of scissors with the other. Roughly she cuts a handful of the flowers off and drops them to the ground, quickly reaching for a second bunch. After she has created a pile she begins to line them up in a row. You start to feel confused by her activity so slowly edge your way forward to watch what she is doing.


She has a notebook out and a pen. Every so often she bites on the end of her pen then quickly scribbles down another thought. When you reach her you see that she is writing down notes on the flowers beauty. More accurately, she is writing down notes on how to ‘define’ the flowers beauty.


“I think this one looks better because the stem is straighter than that one”. She then takes the flower with the slightly bent stem and it puts at the end of the line she’s created on the ground. “This one is more beautiful because the petals are brighter than this one”, on she goes arranging the flowers in order as she writes down her definitions to judge them by.


You stand there confused for a minute deciding what to do. No longer are you enjoying the splendour of the garden, which is irritating to you. However, there is sense to her process isn’t there? That stem really isn’t as straight as the one on that other flower...shouldn’t we figure out which one is the best?


Do we need to know which has the most beauty?


When God created us, comparison was never in His plan. He intentionally created each one of us to be individual and unique, just as He created all of nature. There is no pattern, there is no standard of perfection to live up to in His design...there is simply beauty. We are each beautiful because we EXIST.


It breaks my heart to think of how we are breaking His.


A flower doesn’t compare themselves to the other flowers. They aren’t even affected when others are comparing themselves to them. They simply continue to shine their gorgeous beauty, ignoring the opinions of the world around them. It is their confidence that shines through, smiling back at you from their wonderland.  The flowers are beautiful simply because they know they are beautiful.


At some point mankind decided to line up people and create definitions of beauty. Mankind decided the rules that we as a society now live by. Were they important to create in the first place? We blindly live our lives aiming for an expectation...did we ever stop to question where the expectation originated from?


Should this concept of comparison have a place in our lives? I don’t think so.


Yes, chances are the people around you are making judgements on beauty. If not you, they are no doubt choosing to judge others. Can you blame them for doing it? We are conditioned every day to think a certain way via clever marketing. TV streams images that are impossible to reach. Magazine covers plaster a ‘confident’ woman on every issue. In our current world it is made clear that some people make the grade, and others never will ‘live up’ to it.


When it was happening to the flowers, did you feel sorrow? When the flowers were being ripped from their purposely planted lives to be judged, did it make you think something was wrong?


What’s the difference when it is happening to a person? What’s the difference when it’s happening to YOU?


WE are part of nature. WE are part of a design. We are crafted by a creator who see’s us as perfectly imperfect. If there was a standard to live up to, we would all look like a carbon copy of each other as God doesn’t make mistakes in His design. We don’t look the same because that was never His plan.


As you go through life you may not be able to change the views of everyone you meet, but YOU CAN control your own opinions. Have the resolve to be aware of the insanity of this standard that’s surrounding you. Resolve to be someone that doesn’t allow that mindset to creep into your life, and instead live choosing to see the beauty that was created all around you (even if you are the only one you know who’s admiring it). Resolve to know the value and beauty YOU were created with!


Most importantly...resolve to be someone who shines their light so brightly that they inspire others to be confident enough to do the same.


Be the beautiful flower YOU were created to be...and know your creator is smiling back at you in admiration.


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director

Written for MICI Magazinew.micimagazine.com


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