The Essential Hair Tool

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The Essential Hair Tool

In most women’s bathrooms there is a drawer that holds the one item they believe will fix their hair in any given situation. Frizzy? They grab the iron. Uncontrollable waves? They grab the iron. Sitting the wrong way? They grab the iron.

This is however, the most incorrect form of styling known to mankind!

To understand how to style your hair you must first understand what is happening to the hair in each state.

Our hair has two different types of bonds that create the state of our strands. One type of bond is what is being broken and then ‘reset’ when we go through the chemical services of perming or chemically straightening. Altering these bonds is permanent and removed only by cutting the hair off.

The second type of bond in our hair though is broken every time our hair is shampooed. As our hair dries these bonds are ‘setting’ back together, maintaining the hair’s natural state. The cool thing?  Every time you wash your hair it is an opportunity to connect those bonds back into the shape you actually want them to be in!

What do I mean?

Well, if you have fluffy hair, blow drying your hair during this time will actually mean that you can blowdry it out silky, and that your hair will remain like that until it is washed again (aka when those bonds are then ‘broken’ again). If you have an annoying cowlick in the front of your hair you can actually stretch the hair out and set those bonds in a state that your cowlick with disappear. Cool huh!

Managing the bonds is actually happening from when the hair is wet to dry, has nothing to do with that iron sitting in your cupboard. An iron can’t actually change the bonds that are already set. What the irons are for is to get a silkier result by smoothing the hair down further and really sealing the cuticle down to help your style to last longer. The tool you really need to focus on is actually a HAIRDRYER.

Using a hairdryer first, (ideally with a brush also) and then smoothing your hair down with an iron afterwards if you still need it will always get you a far better result for your style.

‘But I tried a hairdryer before and it just made my hair puffy!’

It’s ok...I have a few more tricks to explain to you for that.

Firstly, products are necessary! They aid you in the blowdry process by helping to reduce the frizz in your hair and most importantly, they actually create a barrier between your hair strand and the humidity in the air. Washing your hair is what breaks the bonds in the first place, if you simply dry it with no protection from the moisture actually in the air, it will just break those bonds down again leaving your hair back to its fluffy, moppy self within hours of drying it. #howannoying

Tip number two – keep the nozzle on your hairdryer! It concentrates the heat so that it is more powerful AND it means you can direct the air to the exact spot you need to be blow drying. When working with timber you need to work with the grain correct? When working with hair you need to work with the cuticle. To lay all of the cuticle down it is necessary to direct the air that way also, which, if you let the air out of the hairdryer without the nozzle there are far too many directions blowing against your strands.

Lastly, how powerful is the hairdryer you used? There are a lot of hairdryers out there that can be bought around the $30 price range. After 14years of developing hairdressing skills, blow drying over 30 ladies hair every week of those years, I can assure you that if you handed me one of those hairdryers to blowdry someone’s hair with I would either tell you straight out that it can’t be done, or sit there and cry in frustration! Those tools WILL NOT get you any sort of result, other than to push you to the point of quitting. Purchasing a powerful, salon quality hairdryer is an investment. Not only will you get great results in your hair, you will also reduce your styling time. How many of us are more likely to blowdry our hair if it’s only going to take 15 minutes instead of the 45 minutes the $30 hairdryer would take?

The right tools, the right process and the right products for your hair, means that YOU CAN achieve salon quality styling results within your own bathroom! Tackling ‘perfect’ hair styling isn’t something that will happen after reading one article, but after reading this you are one step further into learning the process.

Which hairdryer are you using at home?

In our salon we use the ghd air. This powerful award winning hairdryer is lightweight making it easier to use for blow drying your own hair. It is 2100W with advanced ionic technology that reduces frizz and flyaways, achieving a smooth salon-style finish in half the time. Ghd’s products are a superior quality as well as being backed by their 1 year warranty (which, they are brilliant with fixing or replacing a product if anything were to go wrong). Take a closer look at the ghd air here. Australian purchases receive FREE delivery.

Looking forward to creating confidence with you daily in your bathroom.

Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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