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She walked into the salon as a blonde, yet floated out as a red head. Had Kellie been planning on a change that day? I don’t think so, but I’m so glad she listened to me.

Sometimes the thought will hit you within the first few minutes; sometimes before you’ve even started talking to them.

This colour isn’t her at all, why is she getting it done?

You start the consultation process but there’s really two conversations going on; the one that you are having with her, and the one that is going on within your head.

So she’s blonde because it blends with her greys the most. The greys are still going to grow through as fast if you are blonde, brown, red or purple though; they just stand out because they are a different texture. The colour line is always going to happen regardless. Does being blonde get her an extra few weeks? No, she’s here 6 weeks on the dot anyways. If she’s staying blonde today she needs to prove she’s a blonde for more than the reason of grey issues.

As she continues to talk you see it. That strong, creative, passionate yet playful character that beams from her; this woman is powerful; talented. She has a gorgeous heart. It’s humble, loving and completely generous. The most obvious factor to her character? She’s vibrant. Whatever is going on in her life at the moment she’s rocking it. She’s on fire.

“Kellie, I’m seeing something different for you. Have you ever considered being a red head?”

Fast forward almost two years later and Kellie is still sporting gorgeous red locks, clearly expressing her beautiful and unique character traits. Have we let her stay the exact same shade of red this entire time? No, of course not! We’ve played with the shades, with different colouring techniques. The most fun would have to be the night we let Kellie create her own colour! That’s right; we created a Kellie only salon experience, caped and gloved her up, then took her step by step through applying her own balayage. Why? Because her creative, talented and playful character thought it would be fun...which it was.

The images from Kellie’s shoot are still of the balayage she created. We’ve played with toners since altering the look a few different ways...this just happens to be the one we’re doing at the moment.

Will we always keep Kellie as a red head? No. At some stage she will go through a life change where her character will develop into something new. That’s not to say that these traits will cease to exist, they simply may need to be expressed a different way.

The more I get to know Kellie the more that I am in awe of that first day of meeting her and just how beautiful it is how a hairdressers mind is created. How can we ‘see’ things in others without having met them before? It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but when it does....!

Each visit I understand more of what she does in her career. She is a woman that is hired to be creative, to work on a project for a specific length of time, to spread her passion amongst the people involved, get them excited, get results then move onto the next thing that challenges her. A woman that is kicking butt in the business world; a woman surrounded by characters that are no doubt the opposite to her, but who require hers to bring their projects to life.

Every visit she is a warm, caring delight to not only our team, but to any clients in the salon too. She’s genuine. She’s engaging. She’s vibrant in so many different ways that we have a mental countdown happening to when we get to see Kellie for another salon experience.

Did I get it right in that first consultation? Does her hair express who she is?

Kellie thinks so. That's why she eagerly put her hand up to be the first of our Celebrity Next Door Project photoshoots. Exampling to the world how just like her, you can display your unique character traits through hair and photography...without intimidating those around you. Showing the world the individual beauty in the person next door. 

Kellie's shoot was amazing! She confidently stood in front of the camera, playing around under Nicole's direction to simply be herself. Nicole has skillfully captured within minutes the character we have known for so long. 

Enjoy the images expressing this beautiful lady; a woman that knows who she is; what she wants and how she’s going to get there. 


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


Take a look at all of Kellie's images here.


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