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It must be 10 years now. Each time Joanne’s been consistent. She walks into the salon with this gorgeous peace about her; a calmness that is such a joy to be around. There’s always a smile, she’s always happy to see us.  She quietly takes a seat and patiently waits for us.

Ahhh, there’s my Joanne. The one that lets me be an artist. The one who’s confident nature puts me at ease.

When we first met, it didn’t take long to get to the core of what Joanne is after from her salon experiences; variety; excitement; bold, funky hair. If it wasn't on the first appointment it would only have been a few visits in that we were literally mixing up pots of colours without Joanne knowing what was in them. Cutting in shapes that we’d never discussed. Completing each consultation with one simple question, ‘Do I have any restrictions today or am I good to go?’

Each time she walks out with a new look. Each time that smile on her face has grown.

While it’s such a buzz for a hairdresser to have a client like this it’s also so intriguing. How is it that this woman has gotten to a point where she can sit in our chair every 6 weeks unphased by what we are about to do, knowing she will feel confident no matter what? How is it that she can have so much freedom in this area of her life? 

Ok....I’ll take it. Perhaps her confidence is in my ability...perhaps. Truthfully, it is easy to be confident in your skills when your client let’s down their walls and simply lets you do what you do best. Studying human behaviour would have you think that surely there has got to be a twinge of please don’t make me look ugly going on in her mind?!? If there is, we certainly don’t feel it.

Joanne’s photo shoot was such an eye opener for me. I’d prepped our photographer (Nicole from Nicole Barralet Photography) with the description that Joanne was a quiet character; gorgeously thoughtful, genuine and caring; someone to display as pensive and humble. Yes, Joanne is all of these things outwardly on a day to day basis, however there is another dimension to her that isn’t always on display.

She started off the shoot slightly timid but it wasn’t long before a playful character emerged. Nicole has the ability to delve in and draw out the truest personality of her clients so it can be captured on camera. Turns out if you mix that with a kitchen beater (present simply to represent a hobby that Joanne is known for) you get the opportunity to witness a very playful lady.

The thing for me during the shoot was really getting to see just how much her hair and the character that came out were the true reflection of each other. Who knew that for the last 10 years I’d been working away at displaying a side of my client that she only peeks out for us but that was connecting with her most rawest comfortable her.

Am I saying that she isn’t herself when she’s in the salon? No, not at all. I’m simply saying that just like anyone, we at any point in time are only seeing parts of their character. Yet there it is sitting right on top of her head, the part of her character that she keeps for those closest to her.

How beautiful it is to see just how much a person can express themselves in their hair! I continually find myself falling more in love with this amazing industry and what we actually do for people. A lot of the time creating confidence to a depth that we haven’t even realized.

The experience of ‘Joanne’ has taught me so much about confidence. I don’t know if it’s just me who’s thought like this or if it’s where a lot of people’s minds are at. When I used to think of someone exuding confidence it was always loud; obvious; strong; 'in your face' type awareness of the persons character. Today I am so aware of how naive that idea was! Confidence isn’t something that has to scream at you; confidence simply IS. It’s in the quiet characters just as much as it’s in the vibrant ones. It’s evident in the internal peace of the person in front of you, clearly indicating that they have connected with themselves; that they have connected with who they were created to be.

So often, we as a society assume that the loudest characters, the ones that outwardly draw the attention of those around them to why they are ‘so awesome’ are the confident ones. The scary thing in reality is that those that crave that kind of attention are some of the most insecure people on the planet. A person with real confidence doesn’t need others approval to validate their worth. They are content in themselves even if no one notices them.

Joanne is a person who warms up to others slowly; someone who takes her time observing them and building relationships on a deep level. When it’s the right time to open up to someone she shares all of herself. The point though is to understand that all along that journey she is still confident, she is simply giving you one dimension at a time.

How many other people around you will open up the same way when given the right opportunity? 


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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