Inspiring Business Owner

Why create the Raving Mary Tribe?

You don’t have to travel anywhere to see it, just look around where you are now. There’s a gap. Where there should be confidence there is insecurity. Where there should be an understanding of one’s own value there are questions of worth. Where there should be a sparkle and a passion towards life, there is a body that is only going through the motions, feeling that simply surviving this life is enough.

Perhaps you don’t need to look into the eyes of those around you to notice it, perhaps you only need to stand in front of the mirror.

We’ve had enough, have you? We know that we were...

The Journey Begins

It all started with that one little thought. That tiny voice inside your head that wouldn’t go away. If this were my salon I wouldn’t do it like that. The thought lingered, expanded and eventually took over your head space. The next thing you knew you had started to see a whole bunch of things you wouldn’t do (and experiencing a whole bunch of frustrations with each new realization too!).

But what WOULD you do? Ahhhh that’s where the frustration turned into FUN! Slow at first, a vision started to form in your mind. The vision become clearer with each thought that crept in, thoughts that then flooded into a...

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