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Complete honesty. There’s no point in writing these articles if I am not always completely honest about the thoughts that race through my mind. We’re doing these client features to explore explore confidence. We cannot explore what we do not analyse, so right or wrong of me to have the thoughts that I did, we need to explore their presence.

The experience of meeting Gliere was an eye opener. A refreshing and exciting one. When I turned to see my next client, I honestly groaned a bit inside. Yep, I did. As much as we hate to admit it, women tend to see other women as competition. When meeting someone new, a woman’s thoughts tend to immediately centre around how they personally measure up to the new creature in front of them (don’t pretend you don’t do that too..!). What caused that competition to start, I’m not sure. I am just glad that I am finally working on developing my own character past thinking that this type of competition is even relevant. (such.a.journey!)

That day, I turned around to see such a beautiful girl sitting at the mirror waiting for me. Let’s face it, Gliere is STUNNING.  Flawless. She’s so gorgeous you want to contact a lawyer to investigate your rights as an unborn child during the ‘baking process’. What did she do to score all of that?! Why didn’t you get that skin, those eyes, that hair?!

The groan though, wasn’t from her beauty alone... it was from the assumption of what the next few hours of looking after her were going to be about. I assumed it would be all her. I assumed it would be a conversation about physical values. I assumed so much in those few moments all of which was  smashed within the first few seconds of talking to her.

Our society is currently exploding with a culture of self-admiration. Both men and women are continuously focusing on their physical image, believing this to be the means to creating their own life significance. These people are continuously flooding our newsfeeds with pictures of themselves with weak excuses of it exampling their days activity as the reason for their post. Half the time what is in the comment isn’t even featured or represented in the image in any fashion! The sad fact is that these posts are a barely disguised excuse to cry out for attention. To seek validation that they are a valuable creature.

These poor people are convinced that the only way they are valuable is if others find them attractive...physically.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I know I really struggle with this mentality.

Our beauty has nothing to do with our has everything to do with our character. I’m not sure about you, but I choose my friends because of their character – with no reference to their physical appearance whatsoever! When I have difficulties in my life, I want friends with strong characters that will help me keep going, not the person with the best make-up or flattest stomach or the most followers on Twitter!

Beauty comes from the person we ARE, not the genes we happened to have bestowed upon us. 

You see, in life there are three different levels on which we relate to people on. The bottom level, the very basic of basic ways we can connect with others is through a physical means. Next, is through our mind, the ability to connect with people through an attraction to their characteristics, to the person they actually are. The last, the highest ability to connect with someone on is on a spiritual level. Knowing a person so deeply that you are growing together and inspiring one another towards the destiny you were created to live.

The selfies; the self-love; the attraction of the physical...they are all just examples of a society living in the lowest form of connection.

When did we stop realizing that the body we are born in is simply a body?

When did we start valuing the skin and muscle of a person over the heart within them?

Gliere is a girl who is currently defying society and the dominant mentality of her age group. While she is no doubt aware that she is an attractive girl, she has developed her character far beyond the physical to the intellectual and spiritual. She knows that this is where value lies.

Gliere is a girl who takes pride in her appearance but knows that it is simply the morning routine; a way to present herself and express her character, but it isn’t the goal of the day.

That day I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few hours having a deep conversation getting to know the girl whose heart is where her beauty is beaming from. A girl who has values and morals that she lives her life by. A girl who understands the depths of life. A girl who knows who she is and is at peace with her own character.

I’ve had Gliere laugh as she tells me what a dork she is. I search for pain within her voice but the reality is there is none...she is completely at peace with herself. She knows who she is and she’s content there.

How many people can say they feel peaceful to be a ‘dork’?

Being so confident and connected to her character, it is no wonder that at each of her salon experiences Gliere sits there and clearly directs us to what she wants that day. Of course she can treat the consultation like that when she knows her character so well, she knows what she needs us to create to express it (which her current colour so clearly does).

Even at her photo shoot, we were playing with replicating a group of images we had found for inspiration. As I asked Gliere to pull this pose and then the next, she started to have this look on her face and then in her sweet yet still direct manner she let me know that ‘that’s not really me’.

Wow. How many 21 year olds do you currently know that wouldn’t give a pose a go just to get attention?

It is a beautiful breath of fresh air to meet someone who has the physical attributes that she could dominate that selfie-fixated culture, yet has the spiritual growth of a person who knows that is not a game worth playing.

Gliere’s images are stunning. Nicole (from Nicole Barralet Photography) has beautifully captured yet another of our gorgeous clients, using images to express to you all her lovely character. You can see her softness, yet you can still see her strength. You can see her kindness, yet you can see her passionate determination. You can see a playful, sweet and happy character, yet you can still see her sensible and wise side. Most importantly, you can see a girl who understands that life is a journey of growing and developing...a girl whose character is humble enough to know she’s not perfect but who is willing to continually grow herself towards the goal.

Thank you, Gliere for reminding me to not be someone who judges on the physical. Thank you for showing me your amazing character and beautiful soul.


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


Take a look at all of Gliere's images here. 


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