Get the foundation right - part two

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Get the foundation right - part two


How did you go with part one? We know, a LOT of info to take in (can you see the reason why most hairdressers just leave this topic alone? Imagine walking a different person through that every half an hour ‪#‎exhausting‬!) It is really important info that is the base to getting great hair results though...if you didn't get a chance be sure you jump onto before moving onto part two.


Now, are you ready to transform your locks into a luscious mane?!


How to create a healthy foundation...

Prep the foundation
Firstly we need to remove any barriers on your locks. You will need a 'good' shampoo, conditioner and mask for this part. Our advice is always to speak to your hairdresser for a recommendation on products. If you want to know one now, we do find that Eleven Australia has created not only a great shampoo and conditioner range, but products that are a great first step in a move away from supermarket products (because let's face it, even though the glad wrap idea is kinda giving you chills, the idea of giving up the silky to touch hair isn't appealing to you either). The Eleven products will nourish your hair and inject loads of moisture and softness into your strands, however these products will do their thing and then wash down your drain instead of building up in your hair. (This is the case for MOST salon shampoos/conditioners but again it isn't a set rule....don't worry, we'll help with answering the 'how do I know' question soon)

The next product you need you can probably grab from your kitchen. Again, not pretending to be a scientist here, just a hairdresser that's been getting results with this trick for over a decade. Bicarbonate soda. Yep, serious. It will be the aid to tear off any build up that should have departed from your strands long ago.


Here's what you do...
1. Tip your new shampoo into your hand and add about the same amount of bicarb. Don't stress, the mixture ratio isn't anything crucial. Mixing the bicarb with the shampoo is just an aid to get it through your hair whilst opening the cuticle at the same time. Btw since you are now using a salon shampoo, we're talking using an amount about the size of a 10c piece here, these products are far more concentrated than you may think!

2. Shampoo your hair with the mix and rinse.

3. Repeat the shampoo and bicarb mix again but this time, after foaming up, soak a towel in hot water (be careful not to burn your fingers!) and then after wringing out the excess water wrap it around your hair. The heat will help to open the cuticle which means the mix can then cleanse out as much of the silicone as possible. Leave this on for about 10minutes.

4. Rinse, and breathe. You have not only just put bicarb in your hair, you've also taken off what was the silky smooth covering you've been feeling to reveal the 'dry ground' underneath. There's a good chance your hair won't feel amazing at this point. Pop your new mask onto your hair (no you cannot apply a supermarket one!) and let it soak in for 10minutes before you rinse. Crisis averted. Your hair will feel MUCH better at this point.


Your hair is now going to need some time to strengthen up again and start absorbing products that will actually go into the strands and strengthen them in a healthy manor, building up your hair health from the inside of the strand. Use your new shampoo and conditioner each wash, swap your conditioner for your mask once a week giving your hair another good dose of extra moisture. Within weeks your hair will feel a new kind of silky, soft and smooth, one that you no doubt will love more than the previous one.


Now to answer how you'll know which products to avoid... After going through this process you will have experienced first hand what this barrier feels like on your hair vs what it feels like when it's removed. You will become especially sensitive to the difference a month into using 'good products'. After this time your hair has recovered and you now know what natural, healthy hair is MEANT to feel like! From this point if you were to wash your hair even once with a product high in the wrong kind of silicone YOU WILL KNOW. You'll feel the difference immediately. If you happen to use one for a period of time and create another build up of barriers in your strands you can always go through the process above again to remove it...your hair will forgive you and happily start over again. We do recommend however not using the process excessively. While it's o.k. to do this to your hair a few times, it isn't ok if you do it over and over (think max 2-3 times in a year).


So excited for you and the results you will get in your cuts, your colouring and your hair styling now that your foundation is sorted! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. 


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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