Become a brushing master!

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Become a brushing master!


Do you have any idea how many people brush their hair wrong? Yes, I'm serious. It seems like a no brainer but there are actually some very easy and very common things that are done wrong orrrr shall we say done not as great as they could be. Don't stress, it's such a simple area to tweak! Once you have mastered the following hair-brushing-tips, you will be well on your way to creating awesome hair results.


1. Make sure you have a great brush, one that actually still has the little balls on the ends so your scalp is taken care of too. Brushes that have all the bristles at the same length are ideal, the ones that have both long and a short ones tend to snap your hair. Our favourite brush (and the one it appears has been issued to most girls during primary school!) is the one pictured to the right. If you missed out on yours or if you are still hanging onto the one you received 'back-in-the-day' you can arrange an in working order newbie for $29.75 at All For Mary or snap it up online at


2. Brush your hair ONLY when it is dry. Yessssssssssss for real. When your hair is wet it can stretch up to 30% more than its usual length, which means putting the extra pressure of gliding (errr, umm, welllll ripping) a brush through it in that fragile state can easily snap your strands. You can however (and really ALWAYS SHOULD) comb your hair with a wide tooth comb when you are in the shower WITH the conditioner in. Easiest practice is to have a comb that stays in the shower so you can't miss the visual reminder.


3. Brushing your scalp not only stimulates the blood flow (which helps your hair to grow faster) it also loosens the flakes up (which while that doesn't sound appealing it is perfect for maintaining a healthy scalp). The trick is to give your hair a really good (like 1-2 minute) brush, while its dry, just before you jump in the shower. That way you'll have all the benefits of de knotting safely for your strands, promoting hair growth and loosing the flakes at the same time, but you'll also then wash those flakes straight out of your hair down the drain (rather than avoiding every black shirt in your cupboard when you've brushed post shower) #winning


4. When tackling a knot (either with the wide tooth comb and conditioner in the shower OR when your hair is dry using your fabulously correct brush) ALWAYS start from the bottom of the knot and slowly work your way up. Even better, hold your hair above the knot area so that you again aren't stretching your hair beyond repair or ripping it from your scalp. Take it gently, those strands are pretty tiny after all.


5. Ok, bonus hint since this one really isn't brushing but still related...once you turn off the shower, even if you don't pick up the brush to attack your fragile wet locks, you still need to be gentle with you hair in other ways at this point. Squeeze the water out by clenching your hand around your pony (don't wring it like a Chinese burn); use your towel to blot - aka press - your hair and DONT RUB! Then...hide your hair tie!! If you tie wet hair up (remembering that it stretches more than normal in this state) you will easily stretch it out of its natural shape to put that tie in, leaving it to dry in this now weak-and-easy-to-snap-state (anyone else picturing a medieval torturing device right now?!) If you have combed it through while the conditioner is in and not rubbed the beejeebers out of it with a towel your hair should easily dry in a lovely knot free state.


Note: we do also strongly suggest that once you get out of the shower a coat of leave in conditioner (cream or spray) should be applied to keep your hair in optimum condition.


If you find you have been breaking one or maybe all of these rules and now understand the creator of those shorter, snapped strands throughout your hair (you'll see them around your entire hairline - especially at the front or in the nape area for those using hair ties) we welcome you to the BEGINNING of a world of healthier hair. Stressing this point because one week of playing by the rules won't get those strands to also magically grow to the length they would be had they been treated with a bit more care. Expect the real results of these changes to start being visible a few months down the track.


That's it!! Enjoy making these tweaks to your brushing ritual!


Bethany Inez

All For Mary - Creative Director


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